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1ZpressoHello friends, we have today unpacking and testing a new manual coffee grinder called 1Zpresso.
This is a Q2 model with standard grindstones 38 mm in diameter, but together with you now we will unpack and immediately carry out grinding tests what is capable of how many clicks are
needed for this, so we subscribe.
The standard packaging for this coffee grinder, it looks like this, I bought a special one from and they took it for a review, even bought it for myself because I like to test some complex things for a long time what we have in the kit, of course, here is such a cool brochure, hint how many clicks for each method brewhere must be used.
I draw your attention to the fact that inside this coffee grinder we have arps, then a siphon pullover french press and drip coffee, or are these two options we have, this is either a mocha, or in the case of there you know he could have some other jug ​​master, sorry drip coffee This is a mocha just a little bit of a master, just a mocha coffee maker or a geyser and some other thing I don’t understand, but most likely it’s also some kind of geyser, but only with other configurations, a useful brochure will be checked.
There is a direct instruction further, the brush looks beautiful, you know, quite nicely, let’s get them out of the package softly and beautifully made of some kind of incomprehensible what the handle is made of, well, so branched, very nice, the branded bag is not written here, the press will stick, but the logo is actually a Chinese company and the whole thing is done in China, then someone else’s handle is separately here in such a separate bag, it is wooden here already transparent plastic and everything looks very very high quality here it is straight, very, very detailed, everything is as clear as possible, well, directly like milk itself. We put the box aside. Here it is the coffee grinder itself, it is in an additional box, and it is also in such a pimpled film. Here it is the coffee grinder itself, it looks very good at first impression, I want to hold it straight in my hands, everything is cool, the metal is so similar to aluminum and 10 such leather, but rather not genuine leather, some kind of leatherette., But like a leather strap , such as a leather bezel.
We also have a container for coffee with you so here celica we will get it, we don’t need everything we have a container for coffee where we grease the coffee now we will check how many grams of coffee fit there so in the other direction we spin the coffee grinder in two places so that it is more convenient to clean and remove it, and this upper part and now you
see the millstones and full access to the coffee grinder. Ordinary millstones, 38 mm in diameter, are attached here.
The prisoners of the millstones are more on top, we already just put a lock nut and at the bottom we have a grinding adjustment, while it with numbers is very wonderful.
There was no such thing that the Timelord is looking at, but for my part I will say that this coffee grinder costs much more, that is, I could buy it on Amazon for a little less than $ 150, well,
that’s about one hundred twenty-five dollars. I took it very cheaply. Everything looks cool, let’s go to the test, we will talk less, we will do more business. We will check what kind of grind this coffee grinder gives us and what it is capable of, but I will check not only what is on the plate, but also what is not on the plate. Let’s say grind for espresso and grind for a fool.

So the first thing. How many coffee beans to put in this lower container, usually the lower glass is equal to the chamber into which we load the grain with you today, it looks like in the company of the variety, a link to a specific coffee will be located below go to the online store. This is not a problem, since 21 grams and even a stock, but if you load 24 grams straight for the full full volume, but this is a very full volume of coffee, and so the power of
summer is not here before this business does not fit, so 20 grams is a standard volume as a stop us soot in the coffee grinder time art the same 20 grams climbs here these 4 grams we choose they are superfluous, they fall, does not load inside the coffee grinder there is no longer enough space. 20 grams a standard volume of 2 grams is very good, so we go with you to the first test, the first test we have 12 clicks or the number 12, first we clamp the coffee grinder completely. We put it on zero and, by the way, it is calibrated to 0, I put it on zero and here it is really 0, which is convenient that you can make a whole revolution and this is 10 clicks so a whole revolution, made 1 and

2 digits, which means there are two more dots between the digits and every time you click a point, the adjustment is fixed. That is, there are 12 clicks here, or still the 12th digit, I honestly do not know now because I could not use the cafe so far, I still put the number 12, as it were,
12 clicks is much less now I will tell you how much less it is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 well, straight this is decently less well, let’s see.
There is a hook on the grain, although it is absolutely the same on the wavy ones, they are almost convinced of this, I have not yet analyzed them, I did not compare them, but I am almost sure that they are correct.
It’s easy to grind the3 technologist at one Chinese music factory, very comfortable and very nice all the same 12 clicks here 12 14 12 number 12 14 16 and 18 are such a gradation of these grindings. We pour out, look what to eat here and but the coffee looks rather thin, but the tucson grind looks rather thin, it does not look rough, it does not look like what is written here, therefore, here it is 12-18 so until 18 so well, well 12 we did let’s try to make now 18 where is our zero here it is our 0 12 13 14 digit 15 digit 16 17 18 18 digit of clicks much more much more continue small coffee well, straight a nice thing that caresses the ear and really very very convenient and hold and straight I will show you should understand that she directly clings to the grain, I do not know how they did it because here the diameter is 34 centimeters because the fat is 38 centimeters, but this is completely differently real and this is another completely different feeling from grinding except for jokes and I tell you so well the grind is more like what we need, let’s say for aero the press is really similar, this grind can be used approximately, that is, our plate does not deceive us.
let’s make some more colored coffee and make a number for you in 2224 we will make it and make it coarser to see how our coffee grinder works in general forgot to change the number 18 we put 24 digits not clicks so nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four is shorter between each digit 1 2 3 three clicks between each digit three clicks so the number of clicks is multiplied by 3 three times 2634 1272 clicks 24 straight it became easy to grind in general it is easy honestly somehow the hand does not get tired after all, I don’t get tired of you already half of what I poured I couldn’t have time eyes lubricate faster and such a rather large, rather coarse grind, here it is grinding here and there is a 28 digit left to check so 25 26 27 28 digit we have the 28th to pick up clicks, then it turns out 4 clicks of the creature on the coffee grinder time or maximum I did the number of clicks was maximum -my there is 30 never seen here again this is a completely different number of clicks well and this is really a rough grinding of tucson really with corresponds to what is written on the plate.

1ZpressoI want to see how she will cope with a more difficult task, which I am not described in our menu with my coffee grinder.
Carefully, very carefully, all this is coolly done with the grinding that is stated on the coffee grinder, it copes perfectly without any problems, and this also needs to be given credit for the fact that there is such a calibration.
The millstones are now reset to zero here. There is a hint here, a brochure which you can look at really set the grind for your product here you can use a coffee grinder, start helping with arps and everything that goes to a coarser grind further went 10. For
some reason, the siphon is coarser I like to brew the phone on a rather fine grinding but this is a separate topic, as well as cooking a siphon, I will show you what I do theoretically, I see that you can get younger thinner than it is stated here, that is, you can also use it for making espresso, probably for this I must take a coffee machine, I must know a coffee grinder with such a test release, so look if you have not looked I just
recommend that you understand that time art can grind espresso, but not all grinders.
This is also an amazing thing, I don’t know how it works, I don’t know how they do it, but here because the box is good, there is a useful brush, if there is a bag in which we can put the coffee grinder now and try to do it and it greases the coffee very nicely. the most important thing.
The pouch is frankly stupid. Here the pouch is divided into 2 parts, there is no partition inside, so friends like that. I hope this post was useful for you,
as always, funny and if so, do not forget to leave a comment, preferably to be positive for me on this all until we see you soon in new issues. Bye Bye!


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