Bezzera BZ10 And Turkish Sand Coffee Maker

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Bezzera BZ10

Over the last century espresso machine  manufacturers have continued to evolve and make design improvements to make machines both functional and predictable for the baristas operating them as espresso enthusiasts.

Bezzera BZ10 

We can appreciate the heritage and history inspiring the machines we see on the market today considered one of the founders of pump driven espresso machines we’re excited to introduce Bezzera to the Clive coffee lineup of machines their ingenuity and build quality continues to inspire new home  baristas and has lasted the test of time.

With clive coffee today we’ll be walking through a brief overview of the Bezzera BZ10 espresso machine let’s take a closer look the Bezzera BZ10 is a heat exchanger with a 1.5 liter boiler vibratory pump and a unique electronically heated group head that runs off of a sizeable internal 3 liter reservoir.

This beautiful compact machine sits on a hefty stainless steel frame with stunning mirrored panels as an attractive option for small spaces the bz10 sits at 14.9 inches tall 18.8 inches deep and 9.9 inches wide but don’t let the size fool you it certainly packs a punch as a heat exchanger you’re able to pull  shots and steam milk simultaneously thanks to the 1.5 liter boiler paired with a 1400 watt.

Heating element the steam power is excellent controlled by a traditional pressure stat your boiler temperature will remain consistent at 1.5 bars of steam pressure once initially  heated simply lock your joystick in the upright position and enjoy hands-free steaming from small cortados to back-to-back lattes the bz10 is fully capable of treating yourself and your loved ones to any amount of milk drinks.

Bezzera is most notably known for its in-house  manufacturing facility casting parts from raw materials and not outsourcing any components for their machines on the BZ10 Bezzera included their unique electronically heated group head which houses two internal heating elements this innovative design speeds up warm-up time and keeps your machine’s brew temperature constant and stable thanks to this efficient group head style you’re ready to pull your first shots within 10 minutes.

Once you’re warmed up you won’t need to worry about temperature surfing either a stable group head is ideal for ensuring each shot is just as consistent and delicious as the last whether you’re the espresso purist or you enjoy a creamy perfectly textured cappuccino the BZ10 is a perfect addition to your morning routine its phenomenal.

Build quality and expertly crafted components deliver a machine that’s undoubtedly going to last the test of time if performance durability and style are what you’re after consider the Bezzera BZ10 an outstanding choice what do you think has the Bezzera BZ10 caught  your eye let me know your thoughts in the comments below as always thanks for watching subscribe for more coffee know-how and we’ll catch you next time.

Turkish Sand Coffee Maker

It’s not combat ration. This is a coffee maker. This is not a regular coffee maker, but a Turkish Sand Coffee Maker. Have you seen hot sand hot coffee in Turkey?

That coffee maker!

If it was delivered overseas, it would be ruined on the way!

I try this for the first time today. I don’t know how to use it. By the way! Is there anything special? You can heat it up hot, add some sand and heat it up! I’m in trouble! I don’t know how to do it. Am I not embarrassed?

Sand Turkish Coffee MakerThe material is chrome and stainless steel. The power supply is both 110v and 220v.

I think it can look very classy on the screen. In fact, it doesn’t look so luxurious. The handle is also not detailed. The finish is also sloppy. And the patterns aren’t designed so delicately either. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to heat the sand. Temperature control is possible up to 50 to 300 degrees.

Oh. The power is on. I’ll do it 200 degrees. Wow! Hot steam comes out here! It’s very soft sand! The sand smells strange!

I think the sand was disinfected. That’s why the sand smells like lax. Put this on one side.

This is a copper cup that came with the coffee maker. It was very thin, so I thought it was plastic. And as you can see, the finish is a mess. I think I should take off one of my gloves.

It feels warm! If you put your finger deep in the sand, it will be very hot.

Now that everything is ready, you should have coffee, the main character.

The coffee name is Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee, I don’t know if you know, but the coffee tree was found in Africa, but it was made into a drink and spread to the world by Turkey and Ottoman Turks. That’s why Turkish coffee is also deep and tasty. I prepare something to eat with coffee. So I prepared a Turkish dessert. Cream 6.94%, natural censer (milk flavor) 0.89% calories are 930 kcal.

The company that created KAYMAKLI LOKUM is GULLUOGLU.

Turkey’s best dessert restaurant!

GULLUOGLU means the son of the rose tree house.

It is said that they have delivered desserts from the Ottoman family. KAYMAK is a collection of milk and cream films. The soft texture and the smell of milk are excellent.

The shape looks like Injeolmi, Songpyeon, and Honeyduk. However, it is harder than rice cakes and more like jelly on the outside. I will open the ike coffee bag. As soon as I open it, it smells of coffee. This is not just a coffee scent. When I go to a coffee shop, it’s the coffee aroma that comes from freshly roasted. Put coffee. I’ll add sugar here.

Until now, the only thing left from fighting food is sugar. The Russian sugar is delicious.

How much water? Can this be enough? The sand has turned red. What is this?

It’s not hard to touch, but it’s a little hot. While boiling, let’s taste TURKISH DELIGHT WITH CREAM.

The white color on the inside is Kaimak, which tastes like fresh cream condensed milk.

Condensed milk is a little sweet. However, Kaimak is more like milk. And the texture of melted cheddar cheese. It is surrounded by rice cake-like jelly, and the jelly is sprinkled with sugar. It can’t be tasteless when it comes in your mouth!

However, it is not the taste I really expected. But if you eat it with coffee, it will be really cool. Heated for about 7 minutes. At first, I turned the fire too weak, but as the temperature rises, it quickly becomes hot. It smells like burnt coffee beans, but it also smells like tomato ketchup. You put too much coffee powder.

Nevertheless, I don’t feel like coffee is bitter. And I can feel the burnt taste of jujube in the end taste. I need to drink another drink. Turn on the fire! There is a sand coffee maker like this when I’m on a date, but it would be nice to go there.

That’s a bit difficult~ It depends on how the other person is! Put a coffee on it, and if you like the other person, talk hard. If you don’t like the other person. Why doesn’t it boil like this! It’s weird!

You eat coffee this way in Turkey! You can open the story box in this way. It’s been 15 minutes and it’s not boiling. It’s not hot, it’s lukewarm. What is this? I waited for 30 minutes, but it didn’t boil. So I prepared a mini stove. It was lighter than the first time.

So, it feels a little more coffee-like. It tastes like espresso! When you order espresso in Korea, it tastes very bitter. People who tasted espresso on their European trip order espresso in Korea, right? I can’t eat it. It tastes like this! I recognized the taste of Kaimak and coffee. If you tell me to drink this coffee every day, I can’t. But drinking Turkish coffee.

Once a week will be a very different experience! I saw the new world of coffee. Until the day to review the world’s battle food! You can think of it as cream cheese. I ate only the Kaimak separately. The first taste is fresh cream as I said before!

The moment it melts in your mouth, it turns into cheese. And the cheese remains sticky and covers the tongue. But that doesn’t feel good. I think there’s a lot of oil on my tongue.

In that case, a cup of coffee! I ate well Turkish Sand Coffee and KAYMAKLI LOKUM.

If you have seen it well!

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Thank you.


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