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Beanpresso reviewThis post is about BEANPRESSO. I’d like to introduce you to a coffee machine full of BEANPRESSO today. It’s a good automatic coffee machine if you have one at home. It was convenient and the coffee tasted good. I recommend it to people who want coffee at home or in the office.

Let’s start

There is a dose hopper. You can control the hole-bin grinding and also can use ground beans. Fill the tank with water and the coffee beans as well BEANPRESSO sent me the coffee beans, Signature Blend G.

The machine has a Conicalver Grinder for High Performance Grinding (where is the switch..)

7inch HD Display It’s like a tablet.

My favorite of the many advantages of this coffee machine is… That the menu can be controlled in a variety of ways and delicately. The amount of coffee beans, extraction and temperature can be set set-up.

The machine has an automatic cleaning function. And you can check the machine with the smart alarm function about problem and solutions


The free-brewing system makes coffee taste better. I love this cleaning function Americano. It was really nice. The BEANPRESSO blend was nutty and smooth. Personally, I don’t like bitter beans, but I liked this coffee.

When I drank iced coffee, it’s too weak for me so I put in the double Espresso. I think it’s good for parents who like light coffee.

Beanpresso can steam milk and make foam with a tube. It’s really interesting. It’s fun to steam yourself, but it’s also fun to watch.

Milk system cleaning I was wondering how to clean it, but it was so fascinating.


The temperature of the milk, the amount of foam, and the amount of milk can be adjusted. This machine can be extracted simultaneously because of the dual boiler. Milk and coffee can be extracted at the same time. The great thing about an automatic coffee machine.

The coffee temperature was good, and it was so soft. Even though it was a light coffee for me Iced vanilla Latte with double shot. It’s very simple to clean. Remove the tube and tray and rinse them with water. All you have to do is throw away the coffee beans. I don’t need to clean a lot of other parts. It’s so comfortable and nice.

What I felt after using the machine was…

The coffee tasted better than I expected and it was convenient to use. I hope this post will help people who are looking for a machine to drink coffee comfortably. This is the reason why I got this product sponsored.

Thanks to you, we can drink coffee comfortably at home. I was able to make my father a sweet vanilla latte after work. I can make iced americano with my sister and sister easily.

Thank you, BEANPRESSO, for introducing and giving me the opportunity to use such a good machine BEANPRESSO guarantees a 100% refund if you don’t like it after purchase guarantee 100% free A/S for two years.


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