Breville Home Espresso Machine And Steam Milk

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Breville Home Espresso MachineHow to steam milk with a home machine?

Is it possible to draw latte art with a home espresso machine?


It is recommended to use cold fresh milk (full cream). Cold milk can make the duration of milk steaming longer. I use a thermometer. The target temperature is 55 – 65 degrees Celsius. But measuring the temperature of milk can also be done by hand.

Don’t forget to clean the coffee puck after making the shot.

There are 2 ways to position the steam wand, where both ways have the same idea and goal, which is to make the milk flow whirl.

Position 1: put the steam wand in the middle too

Position 2: turn the jug to one side

Position 3: place the steam wand between the middle of the jug and the wall of the jug.

Place the tip of the steam wand on the surface of the milk. If there is a sharp sound, it means that the steam wand cannot enter air into the milk, so pull the steam wand up slightly.

This is somewhat difficult due to the small tip of the steam wand and the weak power compared to commercial espresso machines.

If there are large bubbles / foam, try to shift the steam wand slightly upward to remove bubbles.

Steaming milk

There are 2 stages of steaming milk.

latteStage 1: Aeration / Stretching, putting air into the milk, occurs in the first few seconds of steaming milk until a sufficient volume of air is obtained to produce micro foam.

The position of the steam wand is correct if you hear a hissing sound.

When to stop the aeration stage? When the volume of milk increases by 50% or the volume is also filled 3/4 of the volume.

To stop aeration, move it also slightly above or dip the steam wand in the milk until you don’t hear the hissing sound.

Stage 2: Texturing / mixing is the stage to distribute the micro foam evenly to the milk.

Ideally, the duration of the texturing stage takes up 75% of the duration of the milk steaming, but this can be difficult to apply to a home espresso machine, so try to keep the duration of the aeration stage as short as possible.

When to stop the texturing phase? When the temperature reaches 55-65 degrees Celsius.

Milk transfer: to help distribute micro foam and make milk silky.

Rotate and tap also to remove large bubbles.

Now I hold the jug while steaming the milk. Previously, I also put the steaming milk on the coffee machine tray and changed the position of the steam wand to get the right steaming position.

The jug can also be tilted slightly during milk steaming. However, make sure when tilting also to the right side, the steam wand also needs to be placed on the same side.

I shifted the steam wand slightly upwards because there were large bubbles. But don’t be afraid because the bubbles can be removed.

Now, the volume of milk has reached 3/4 jug and then the steam wand is slightly dipped into the milk (texturing).


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