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Cafellisimo just a paperless filterToday we are review for the cafellisimo paperless pour over coffee filter I’ve had this for about 15 months, I didn’t use it during some time so it’s been about a year of use and it’s gotten kind of heavy use the last few months because of the travel restrictions and what not we don’t go out for cafe anymore so all the coffee I drink now is at home but let’s test it out after a year and see how it’s doing.

So I got my water heated up and it’s way too hot but that’s okay I just got out of the microwave bubbling but we’ll give it about a minute before I add the coffee in here.

As far as the actual filter you know after a year of use it’s discolored around the top a little bit and really that’s the only sign of wear and tear and I’m not sure why it’s discoloring like that I mean I wash it every time I use it so maybe it’s from the water sitting around there but I never fill it that high.

But I mean other than that little bit of discoloration it kind of looks almost brand new now I’m going to go ahead and put as much coffee in here as I usually do.

This is three spoonfuls to make me a cup of coffee and it’s a paperless filter so you don’t have to put a filter in here but a lot of times I do put a filter in here and then I’ll pour it through the filter because it’s easier to clean up after every use and in a timely fashion. You know that’s what I’ve been doing the entire time that i’ve had it but we’ll do this in real time so that you’ll see how it’s been working out or how the flow is after a year.

But I think my water’s cooled down enough because you want your water to be hot but you don’t want it to be boiling hot so I’ll put it a little bit in there to get it started and you can see it’s already you know it’s flowing uh pretty freely you know it’s kind of it has a nice open a lackadaisical attitude much like my own attitude that doesn’t make any sense.

CafellisimoSo once you get it going there you prime the pump then we’ll go ahead and pour the rest of our water in here and the more water in here the more water weight you have so you know the faster it’ll flow like if you just have a little dinky amount of water in there it won’t flow as fast and of course it’s going to matter how finely ground your coffee is as well.

We’re just using a regular grind that I buy in the store. Now ideally i would like to use a coffee that i grind myself but since we’re staying at my mother-in-law’s and blah blah blah she doesn’t have one we’re not buying one because we don’t know how long we’re going to be here and i don’t carry a coffee grinder as part of my travel kit but that’s basically why i bought this cafellissimo to go in our travel kit so we take this you know whenever we go out you know whenever we’re traveling in the u.s but you know i didn’t pack it to go to Mexico.

The coffee’s flowing and i don’t pour all the water in here at once but that’s the last little bit of it and so we’ll just wait until it uh flows through the grounds and is all through and then we’ll clean it up because I generally clean it right after I use it even before I drink my coffee.

I go ahead and clean it and get it out of the way so it’s not sitting around with the coffee grounds in it because i don’t want it to clog up which is when I was reviewing or when i was uh researching you know to look into buying one of these paperless pour over coffee filters to travel around with uh the number one complaint that people had was that it clogged up you know over time and you know and then in a shorter period of time that people were unhappy with it but come on down here camera girl.

But as you can see you know this is uh flowing through to my satisfaction and there i’ve already got my cup of coffee like and we’ll see how long that took but now once i i’ve made my cup of coffee i go ahead and clean it out and this is where it’s a pain in the butt because to get the grinds out of here you know you kind of have to spoon them out because they’re kind of wet you won’t be able to get enough of it out just by tipping it over and knocking it out of the bottom now if you used a filter in here and just basically use this as a support for your filter over the coffee cup it’s a lot easier to clean if you don’t mind using a paper filter even though you have a paperless one then you can do that but i go ahead and i rinse it out with water and I make sure that i have gotten all of the grinds out of the filter and then i take a soapy sponge and i just lightly wipe out the inside and around the outside and i’m not pressing on this too hard i’m just kind of giving it a little white because i don’t want to abuse.

I make sure that i have gotten all of the grinds out of the filter and then i take a soapy sponge and i just lightly wipe out the inside and around the outside and i’m not pressing on this too hard i’m just kind of giving it a little white because i don’t want to abuse the double filter.

There’s kind of two mesh filters together and I don’t want to assault the filters too brusquely.

I have a very brusque manner. I’m a very bullish antagonistic personality type person but I kind of coddle it gently and then that’s it.

And now I just sit aside to air dry. I never put it in a dishwasher. I never dry with a towel. That’s all i do is I make my coffee give it a wipe boom boom boom and then that’s it how long it takes me to make my coffee.

Then I put my cream in here to make it creamy dreamy and that’s it I got a nice cup of coffee but if you’re thinking about getting one you know I’ll have a link down below if you want to go over to amazon and check it out it’s an affiliate link so I can make a cup of coffee I was about to say a wheelbarrow full of money but yeah about a cup of coffee I’ll have a link to some other uh coffee filters over there as well you can check out they’re all about the same price i think when i got that cafellisimo last year was about 17 dollars and it’s still about that same price right now but I’m happy with it you know for making one cup of coffee.

It’s ideal and as far as it clogging up i haven’t had that issue but you know I’m a little ocd with the cleaning you know I’m not making my coffee then going outside and playing badminton all morning and then coming in here and cleaning up later after it’s gotten all solidified in there you know I’m on the ball so if you like your coffee and you’re on the ball then give the cafellissimo pour over coffee something a try did that come out smoothly alright that’s it thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and we’ll see you next weekend bye-bye.


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