Crema With A Little Baratza

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Hello! I bought Espresso with you before. After buying it back, the crema doesn’t seem as good as in your movie.
What’s the reason?
I mostly wash the yega with lightly baked water.
This is little Baratza’s problem.


Crema. Baratza

The beans are very fresh.
Although there is no cream, the flavor is good
Ok! Let’s answer this question why your espresso does not have crema.
Look at the common problem of the two should be this:
What are the conditions for crema?
Do you know what crema is?
Let’s first understand what crema is
Let’s discuss what is going on
What is crema?
It’s the oil on top of the espresso
Does that layer of oil matter?
Besides looking cute! Is there any other function?
You feel! ? ! ?
Did you know that air can be compressed?
Let me give you an example.
Oh no! Let me give you two examples!
The first example is.
Have you ever drunk soda?
What happens when the soda is opened? ? Hiss the air will run out represents what? It means it was squeezed.
Then you release the pressure, it will come out, and its volume will become larger.
One more.
Have you ever played with syringes?

Air shock.

Its syringe is empty and there is air in it.
Then you block its head and press…
Can it be pushed inside.
Then it will bounce back, right. Why? Because gas can be compressed.
What if you put water in it?
Is water a liquid? You can’t hold down the liquid.
Understand it, this is the first concept thick. Air can be compressed
This has something to do with crema. So our espresso is high temperature and high pressure.
Because your pressed powder will have resistance to contact with water. There will be a squeezing action.
When squeezed and dropped into the cup.
Will it be like soda…sizzle
Bubbles came out. After coming out. Because we have coffee fat in the beans.
Does it cover these little bubbles.
So a circle of crema is formed above.
Then this circle of crema is actually a mixture of coffee fat and air.
The air may be carbon dioxide.
Because we mentioned the episode of raising beans before when we were baking.
The coffee beans actually emit gas continuously.
You want fresh beans.
There will be more carbon dioxide in the beans.
It will have carbon dioxide after releasing it.
CO2, then you squeeze it down like this. It has enough gas to release. Should be said like this. Does crema actually matter? Important!
It’s an indicator for you to judge whether coffee beans are new or not.
But does crema make it better? Not necessarily!
Why not necessarily.
I use rotten beans, freshly baked and freshly baked.
When the gas production is strong.
The crema it pressed out is also very thick.
But it is a bad bean!
So instead it sends out a bad smell…
So with crema, it must be better? Not necessarily!
Does crema have to be fresher? should be!
What about the problem like Little B, he uses the light-baked Yeka
Does the shallow-baked Yega extruded without crema mean it is not fresh? Not really!
Because we know that the gas release effect of shallow baking will be lower
If it is lower, then we squeeze
Actually there is no air to squeeze. Its crema will be less. That’s why it tastes good without crema. That’s it, understand?
So why doesn’t your espresso have crema. There are several reasons for us to count!
The first baking is too shallow.

The most common reason.

Another is that the grinding degree is too coarse.
Your grind is too coarse.
What will it lead to? Its surface area becomes smaller.
If the contact area is not enough.
After the water comes into contact with the powder.
Can’t squeeze more air out.
That means you will not have enough gas.
If there is not enough crema, there will be not enough.
The beans are not fresh.
The benefits of the gas released in the beans are gone.
The third ~ you did not give it pressure.
We just said…this has to be squeezed before it comes out of the atmosphere.
When you didn’t squeeze it.
It will flow down smoothly.
How does it produce bubbles! right! No pressure is also a problem. Does temperature matter?
If there is no high temperature, but you have enough pressure.
It’s also possible, so why is there an espresso with ice.
We can make one later. To prove that high temperature is not absolutely necessary.
We now use ice water to make an ice concentrate.
Today’s representative of the enrichment machine is called “Aqiang One”
Give it a surround, OK?
“Aqiang One” is the result of 8 years of research and development by Mr. Aqiang.
This one is called EP125, it feels like the name of a motorcycle, right?
That’s right, it’s a bit like a 125 with a locomotive!
Here is its cylinder.
Our piston has a cylinder action.
The volume that can be contained in the cylinder.
It’s what we used to talk about motorcycles… like a wild wolf 125.
The cylinder of the Wild Wolf 125 is so big, understand?
“Aqiang One” is a fully hand-made and concentrated machine.
Then we follow the question asked by netizens just now.
Do it with Apollo.
But my grinding degree will be finer.
Because we don’t have high temperature.
What should I do if there is no high temperature?
Review what I just said earlier.
High pressure without high temperature.
What to do if you want to be high-pressure ?
The grinding degree should be slightly finer.
Not too thin.
You can’t pull it down if the pressure is too thin!
Use our deep-baked Dawning 2.0 formula.
Ice water is here.
The baking date is 9/18 which is last week.
Also put it off for a week.
Ready to extract! It is good! Do you think there is crema?
Have it?
Is it beautiful?
This is the concentration of ice. So it doesn’t have to be very high.
But because our beans are very fresh. Its exhaust effect is great.
Then add the finer grinding. So it has strong resistance.
If the resistance is strong, the pressure on the brewing head here will be greater. If it’s big, then squeeze it down. Of course the crema will disappear slowly, because it is a mixture of air and coffee oil after all
Drink it to see if it tastes good!
It’s not the same. It’s interesting!
Then the taste of the oil will be very good.
It is good! Press to the end.
The same beans! The same degree of grinding.
Under high temperature and high pressure, its performance crema will be richer.
Oh! Shun! Delicious!
I will make a free recipe later.
Have you played the deep-baked ones?
Do you know what the condition of the delicious concentrate is?
So those two cups were delicious just now
right? Yeah! Yeah!
Nah! Concentrated should be delicious, there are several conditions:

  1.  One is the bean itself, which I think is the most influential
    Is the quality of raw beans good enough?
    Is the raw beans fresh enough
    Besides, the baking method will also affect the flavor.
    Of course there must be freshness.
  2. Extraction is also very important! Don’t over extract
    What is over extraction? For example, I deliberately soaked for 2 minutes.
    Or I pull it slowly, slowly pull it slowly… one drop and two drops. Excessive extraction is not good, insufficient extraction is not good. The flow rate is very fast, there is no resistance between the water and the powder
    It’s not good if it flows down directly. So I think it’s good condensed.
    It should be said that the balance of sour, sweet and bitter taste should be coordinated.
  3. The taste is better and the consistency is not enough
    The whole cup is crema, okay? not good too
    Because the beans are too exhausted
    About today’s topic crema.

A large amount or a small amount does not completely indicate that it is good or bad.
It just looks cute and not cute, how to drink espresso.
Do you want to shake or stir?
It’s not such an absolute thing. It should be said that some people like to be stronger. Then you just lick the crema part.
Some people like to have a smoother crema.
Or stir it to spread it out more evenly. It will be smoother, not absolutely good or bad.
Free formula we use this 1 Espresso K-pro.
We used light roasted beans. Maybe your baking degree assumption is not too sufficient.
The air content in the beans itself is relatively low. If it is low, it lacks a condition to make its crema bubble.
This free formula is medium roast. It may be finer for a relatively deep roast. Why is it more detailed?
Increase the surface area between powder and powder. The larger the surface area, the better its ability to release gas. The cloth powder should be even. Suppose it’s loose here.
Its water will flow out from here.
The extraction is not even. Over-extraction here, under-extraction here.
So try to make them average. Lower it and let it pre-soak
Medium roasted crema can also be very good
Although it will be less than deep roast.
Hmm! It’s thick!
Oh! So unrestrained!
It is good! Complete. Delicious. Concentrate, you know that it’s addictive if you drink it every day. Ok. Then today’s question.

Why doesn’t your espresso have crema?

Just answer here.
Why not?
The beans are too shallow, the grind is wrong, or the beans are too stale?
Or not enough pressure?
It is good! Today’s question is answered here.
I will answer your every question seriously.
I really like it! This kind of thing is my dish.
Friends who want to buy can contact our official website
The preheating is super strong, it will never let you drink the warm concentration. The concentration of ice is also very good. I hope everyone’s concentration will taste great.
Crema is not absolute!
Drinking and feeling is the point.


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