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Hey! Today we’re going to be setting up a new LUCCA X58 espresso machine. Let’s get started.

 Step one

Inspect the box and machine for damage, remove the machine from the box and set it on a stable  level surface. If you find any damage please contact us right away. We recommend saving all of  the packing materials in boxes in case you ever need to ship the machine.

Step two

X58 Espresso Machine by Quick MillWater quality in filling your reservoir before introducing any water into the machine it’s important  to test it to make sure it’s adequately soft. Use the included water test strip to verify the  softness of your water. Ideally we’re looking for a softness around 50 parts per million for more information on water take a look at our next posts. Once you’ve verified your water is adequately softened and filtered  fill the machine’s removable water reservoir.

So I got my water heated up and it’s way too hot. But I’ll give it about a minute before I add the coffee in here. To maintain the optimum temperature and quality of your coffee, descale your machine.

Step three

Turning on the machine and filling your  boiler plug in your machine and turning on the power switch with the power on the machine will  automatically begin filling and heating the boiler. We’ll need to give the machine at least 15 minutes to heat. Even when the boiler is up to temperature the machine will need time to  warm up the e61 style group head to ensure temperature stability at this point your machine  is just about ready to pull your first shots.

Since this machine is a heat exchanger  the steam boiler will run a bit hot it’s important to remember to flush water through the  group head to achieve an ideal brew temperature.  

We recommend about 15 seconds for a standard  cooling flush with the portafilter removed. You should be able to hear the temperature drop  from a slight hiss to a quiet trickle. Now that we have cooled our brew temperature we’re ready  to pull shots with coffee in your portafilter. Lock it into the group head and simply lift the  brew lever to begin pulling espresso when you’d like to stop your shot return the brew lever  to its off position from here we encourage you to experiment and enjoy your new LUCCA X58 for more coffee know-how click subscribe comment with any thoughts or questions and as  always thanks for watching. We’ll see you soon.


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