Features With The Keurig K155 Brewer

Keurig K155 Office ProIn my Keurig K155 testimonial I located myself thinking back to time taking courses and the recently included lounge had a coffee shop in which a commercial grade Keurig quite similar to this one (could have been this for all I recognized!).
It got lots of activity therefore I can inform you that there is a requirement to have specifically made brewers such as this in the general public sector where people can get their mug of joy without a hitch.
If you are thinking about investing right into an efficient typical industrial brewer that can handle hefty constant usage, lets consumers make a couple of options in terms of size and also temperature, as well as generally, looks great without being much bigger than some of the home-front counterparts, keep reading.


Those detailed on the sales page were a little challenging: what I review was “16 by 8 by 10” as well as 6 lbs …( whoa … 6 pounds ?? This is a commercial Keurig brewer– I had to do some fact monitoring) particularly given that the shipping weight listed below checked out “21 pounds” and we understand that cardboard product packaging doesn’t weigh 15 pounds).
The producer’s site provides the measurements of the K155 as …

  • Measurements:13.25 ″ H x 12.25 ″ D x 9.5 ″ W.
  • Weight: 18 pounds.
  • Elevation: (with the k-cup chamber completely elevated): 16 ″.
  • Clearance (drip tray in position): 6 ″.
  • Clearance (drip tray eliminated): 7 3/4 ″.
  • Cord length: 48 ″.

This is a larger unit, guys … however general its dimension is nice as well as not cumbersome, which is good.
As well as for the majority of under cabinet use this is a respectable size. As well as the majority of tumbler design to-go mugs should be no worry as most of them are 7.25 ″ in elevation on average.


Commercial-UL Listing.

NFS Qualified for food as well as drink settings.
90 oz water storage tank.
Make Dimensions 4, 6, 8 as well as 10.
Inner tanks can be drained pipes.
Has direct water-line hookup versatility.
Can drain pipes in the inner water storage tank regularly.
LCD touchscreen for making choices and establishing time, language, and auto-off.
Keurig K155 Compatible Accessories.
Direct Water Line Pipes Set for Keurig K150/K155.

Water Line Plumbing Installation.

Direct Water Line Plumbing as well as Filter Package.
Solofill K3 24K Gold Refillable K-Cup.

Buttons and Controls.

Every one of the features with the Keurig K155 brewer (primarily) takes place from within the LCD touchscreen on the front panel. There is an on/off power button which is located near the back left side of the device (near the K-Cup chamber). Listed below the touchscreen home window is the Brew button.
The Touchscreen window is rather similar to the 2.0 models in terms of being able to pick specific functions as well as set them quickly. The touch screen reveals brief assistance pointers and also conditions in the window in addition to random coffee-related visuals computer animations while developing remains in progression. Via the various food selections you have the ability to.
choose the wanted brew size setup.

Establish the clock.

Adjust the brew temperature from within a threshold of 5 degrees over or below the 193 degree default setup.
Establish or disable Car Off.
set or alter the recommended language from English, Spanish or French.
include “contact” info– this component is purely optional.
The “call” component is only used to reprogram your maker settings. It virtually is an alpha-numeric keypad strategy. Possibilities are, you might never need to utilize this, although it can aid when it comes to having a less complicated time with customer support.
The temperature level variety is one of the most excellent I have seen up until now– one of the most equivalent is the Keurig Special Edition and also the more recent K-Elite which have this also, yet rather than a 5-degree home window, you’ve got a variety of 188 degrees to 198. You can go within 5 levels down or up of this range although the default is set for 193.
Regarding a concern like high altitude– The K155 does not have a high elevation establishing like a few of the various other designs do; you are urged, as per the guidebook, to bump the temperature level down 5 levels to make up and also avoid the water from getting also warm.
I think you will certainly love this touchscreen; there are real “images” on it, as opposed to symbols. When you want to set a favored dimension you can “remove” the last one and a red “x” will certainly reveal and also an environment-friendly check mark on the others.


The K155 water tank is quite big with a 90 oz capacity. It’s got a sorta triangular form and also fits into the side nearest the control board. You can quickly remove it to refill using the water resource of your option; yet it also has a Keurig K155 OfficePROcover so if you’re wishing to put from a pitcher or something– also better and a less complicated strategy.
One nitpick is that it’s possibly difficult to tell how much water is present given that it’s not transparent– however in the front there is a “water home window” (my words) which you can see.
Likewise, the touch display will trigger you with the message “Fill up water tank” if the degree does get reduced, so no stress over seeing it.
Likewise, per the guidebook, do not put either the storage tank or its respective lid in the dishwashing machine (I do not understand why people would certainly, though? it resembles it’s too large anyhow).

Alleviate Of Use

When you’re just mosting likely to brew a cup of coffee, you’ll find yourself “welcomed” by the touchscreen graphics. Opening and also positioning a K-cup into the chamber will certainly trigger the menu revealing the 4 brew size setups for you to make a selection. Also, this is an open platform brewer (yay!) BUT allow me stress nonetheless, this is not open platform when it come to the refillable K-Cups (neither are the various other OfficePro systems either I should include) The one suggested brand name to look for is the Solofill K3 brand.
If you’re wanting to make some changes to the maker setups, it’s purely a matter of selecting plus or minus to enhance or lower and also pressing “OK” when you’re pleased. Pretty reminiscent of the “Platinum” collection.

Leak Tray

In such a drip tray as it’s a wonderful dimension with a steel grate, if you take it off, the inside looks a little bit inclined as you can see from the side. Eliminate the both of them and you should have adequate space to set a stemless glass on the base; a mug with a maximum height of 7.5 ″. That’s quite generous, as many tumblers are close to that size range.
Straight Water Line Connection
The various other distinguishing functions, besides its size and shape– is the reality that you can install a straight water line link to this unit and also make re-filling the reservoir a thing of the past. This would be highly recommended in high-traffic environments like dining establishments or university schools. If you have experience in plumbing work this would deserve the initiative and knowing that fresh water is always at hand will certainly be wonderful come that morning rush in the majority of public locations!
Although purchase and also use the direct water line setup kit can be a real boon when running your brewer, it is certainly an optional action, and also for a small work environment with a team of, say, 10-15 individuals, you may not even have a demand for this treatment at all; specifically since 90 oz can go a long method, and produce about 18 drinks on average.
Yes, the pipes set works for this one, too!
I understand there has actually been some complication here, as the sales page says that the K155 “can not be directly plumbed”. But as I adhere to up with a lot of second opinions, I’m below to inform you that it definitely can be. The packages I have actually seen all state that they are compatible with the K150 and K155.

Draining pipes and also Cleaning

Yes, this is one maker in which you can drain pipes in the internal container if you ever intend to store it. The one other device that makes this well known is its relative the OfficePro K145.– the manual will walk you right through this, but if you’ve ever been worried concerning backed-up water stress no more, you can do this by eliminating the plug from the tube in the back and allowing supported water drainpipe out naturally.
Keurig K155 Customer Reviews as well as Rankings
It was a wonderful occasion for me to find that the Keurig K155 testimonials and also rankings were extremely favorable or sufficient and also the negative evaluations remained in the minority, on which I will certainly elaborate on both. I additionally noticed a pattern; although this maker is commercially-UL noted a minimum of fifty percent of the respondents bought it for individual home usage. Which I can further presume is that they were purely after the performance quality first, as well as “bells and whistles” 2nd.
Certainly, among the major highlights– individuals appreciated not having to deal with “any of that DRM nonsense” Their staff members could bring their own sheaths from residence with them and also aid themselves, carefree, and also the touchscreen attribute is fantastic, like having the benefits of the 2.0 without fear of seeing the “oops”.
Positive responses from customers new and well beyond the honeymoon phase included statements like “strong” “long lasting” “do not have to re-fill it as usually” “a good fit and also size despite being a commercial unit” and “just have to clean the owner periodically”.
What were one or two points people desired were various? A few individuals claimed they desired it had a 12 oz setup. The K155’s predecessor, the K150, does have a 12 oz setup btw. As well as second of all regarding the ‘default mixture size setup being 8 oz’ ‘ You are complementary to choose any kind of dimension and even delete mixture dimensions from the touchscreen food selection, however, for some factor, just not the 8. To me this really felt extra like a performance peculiarity than anything else.
And also OK, this negative … A couple of individuals mentioned a “strange fashionable smell” upon receipt of their brand-new device. Nonetheless, it was a trouble that was quickly remedied. (It would not put me off, nevertheless).
When it comes to the 2018-20 duration update, examinees stay in pretty much the same area. One remark about the touchscreen as well as asking why isn’t there an alternative for it to enter into rest setting? A minor issue though. The way this screen is developed, that needs to be a possibility.


Very well built as well as sturdy.
Created hefty use in a commercial setting.
Drainable internal water container.
Straight water line accessory ability.
Will certainly approve all brands or K-Cups.
Programmable alternatives to establish preferred time as well as brew dimension.
Can change the temperature within a 5-degree limit of the factory default setup.


Make size settings are a little wacky.
A few comments concerning chemical smell upon new receipt of unit.
May just approve particular kinds of refillable K-cups.


So all of these things incorporated make the K155 quite attractive for the cash– stronger, extra trustworthy, less require for filling up, and also verification of all these high qualities -The Keurig K155 is a little bit extra costly that the majority of models due to its weight as well as bearing in mind that this is an industrial quality item also.
I do periodic updates and that suggests monitoring rates as well as availability every now and then … At the time of this update I saw a higher rate on Walmart than Amazon.com, yet if you check up on eBay you can obtain the most effective offer and also grab the K155 for under $300. You can examine either venue listed below to see if that’s still the situation:.
Apart from the system itself, what would certainly be your various other expenses? If you are aiming to attach it to a direct water line, the equipment (see Compatible Accessories) is all marketed individually but would be a single expense.The Solofill K3 24kt Gold refillable K-Cup would certainly be your other main “added” product if you are wanting to use refillables on top of that, in terms of cost as well as high quality they approach most various other brand names of comparable refillable K-cups.


All in all I assume the K155 has a great deal of pluses and just a few minuses, and also wouldn’t hesitate to advise it to anybody searching for a performance-standard maker for the office or establishment.
Probably excessive for a single-coffee enthusiast house– however a hectic area, a home run equipment in my book.

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