Gaggia Factory G106 or La Pavoni

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Gaggia Factory G106

La Pavoni

Hello everyone, you are reading the coffee blog. Today we are reviewing the lever espresso coffee maker Gaggia Factory 106.

In fact, it’s made by La Pavoni It is based on La Pavoni Gran Romantica The roots of this coffee machine go back to the distant sixties. It was then that the first such model was created. And over time, it was only refined, while retaining the original design.

Why are they still popular today?

Firstly, it is simplicity and reliability.

Secondly, they are capable of making real espresso.

And most importantly, you will enjoy brewing. And this really cannot be replaced by any machine. The most important thing in these coffee makers is the lack of a pump. So it’s quiet. And you yourself can control the pressure.

Coffee makers with a pump with similar functionality cost from 3 thousand euro. Let’s see how it works. First you need to add water. It is very important to focus on the water level screen. And pour until the water in it reaches a maximum. But no more.

Otherwise, there will not be steam. And it is necessary for work. When the coffee maker heats up, steam will create pressure to frothing milk and to supply water to the group. For this, a water intake tube is installed here. The singularity of the coffee maker is that water must be poured before each start.

Otherwise, after warming up, you may not have enough water for brewing, and you cannot refill it until the coffee maker cools down. All elements will be hot and should not be touched. Before refilling, make sure that there is no pressure left. Simply open the steamer or raise the lever up.

Temperature control

The trickiest part is temperature control. It’s important to preheat it well. Otherwise you’ll end up brewing with quite cold water. Water would be cooled in groups.

Users suggest keeping the temperature of the group in around 85°C. We brewed while it reached 88°C and it was even not hot enough for our taste. In practice it keeps the temperature around 88°C after heating. So in fact you don’t even need a thermometer.

Wait 20-30m to preheat and skip some water. And it’s ready to brew.

I’m using a Type-K thermometer because thermal strips fade with time. You can measure preheat time once and then use a timer. How to actually pull shots.

Fill the water tank, turn on. Make sure that lever is in a lower position. When water is heated up, you’ll see that pressure stays on the same level.

On this stage you need to get rid of false pressure (air inside the water tank). For this, open the steam valve for around 10s. Then it’ll heat up to real pressure. Thermostat would keep pressure in some range, by switching the heating element on and off. Users recommend adjusting it to 0.85 Bar.

Create A Coffee Puck

It’s time to create a coffee puck better to use 12-15g of coffee for a double basket. Adjust grind size for extraction time 25-45s. Or adjust by taste (to get a balanced shot. not sour, not bitter).

Raise the lever smoothly. Inside there is a piston that opens access for water. And if you lift it up quickly, a vacuum can be created inside that will damage the coffee puck. Therefore, before inserting the holder, raise the lever almost to the top and gently lift it until water is filled the group.

At this stage pre-infusion starts. Coffee puck is wetting.

It happens with a pressure of about 3 bars. In the group, the pressure is about 3.8 times bigger than on the boiler pressure gauge.

You can keep the lever raised for 5-15sec or until first drip. And now time for the most important part: applying force. For achieving 9 Bar – you need to apply 14kg of force on the lever. And you don’t need to use scales for this. If you’ll press harder – the boiler would lift. It indicates that you need to apply a little less force.

You’ll get something between ristretto and espresso. It’s because you’re limited with water inside the group. If you want a bigger ratio – adjust grind size for smaller dose.

Let’s summarize

If you know how to use it, this coffee maker will delight you with excellent results.The main thing is not to expect much. It can only brew a few portions well.

Then you need to cool it, add water and start over.And if you are going to learn, the process will definitely be addictive.


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