How to Clean the Infuser Correctly

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Delonghi decalcification ECAM23.460 Cappuccino Noise removal made by the infuser!

The first stage, Decalcification. We make a tank to capture water. 100ml descaling solution.

Point A

Up to point “A”.

Add water to point “B”.

Point B

The process takes about 20 minutes.

Discard the rest of the water with the remaining solution and rinse very well. Add clean water to the maximum point. The first rinsing stage takes about 5 minutes. We repeat the process to make the second rinse. Clean the water again to the maximum point.


Decalcification is complete. We’ll move on to cleaning the infuser.

Second step

If we open the black lid after the decalcification process, the infuser will remain in the vertical position, it cannot be taken out.

First step: We make a coffee that we will throw away.

Again we can see that even after making a coffee, the infuser remains upright. The infuser will return to the “service” position when the appliance is switched off. We press the two red buttons, pulling out the infuser.


Rinse well with clean water. The sound disappeared.


If you do not use the filter, then it is recommended to use purchased water.

Last step, don’t forget to empty the collection tray. It is full after calcification


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