How To Prepare Delicious Milk-Based Beverages

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This post will show you how to prepare delicious milk-based beverages with your Nespresso Lattissima machine.

To start, remove the milk container lid and fill it up to one of the four recipe levels:

  • Espresso Macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • or the maximum level.

Close the milk container.

Your Lattissima One offers three delicious recipes options: An Espresso Macchiato is an essential espresso, gourmet version. A coffee rich in flavors with a touch of milk froth in its heart.

Nespresso Lattissima

A Cappuccino is characterized by a milky coffee topped with a thick layer of milk froth. A Latte Macchiato is a recipe in which coffee is poured into a glass full of frothed milk. For a perfect milk foam, use skimmed or semi-skimmed cow milk at refrigerator temperature.

Lift the lever and insert a capsule. Then, close the lever. The machine heats up for approximately 15 seconds. Place a cup under the coffee outlet and adjust the milk spout position by rotating it up to the center of the cup. Press the milk button. Your preparation starts after a few seconds.

The machine will use all milk quantity in the milk jug and will stop automatically when empty. Then, coffee will pour next to mix perfectly with the milk foam.

At the end of the preparation, the clean alert illuminates orange to indicate it is necessary to clean the Rapid Cappuccino System if you don’t prepare another beverage in a row. To clean the Rapid Cappuccino System, remove the milk container by pressing the button on the side of the milk jug and unplug the aspiration tube.

Position the milk spout vertically to disassemble it. Press the button on the side of the milk jug to unlock the connector, extract it and remove the lid.

Clean all the components in the upper side of your dishwasher. When a dishwasher is not available, all components can be washed by hand.

Enjoy your milk-based recipe and thank you for watching!

The descaling process

Now I will guide you through the descaling process of your Nespresso Lattissima One machine.

Descale your machine when the descaling alert blinks orange in ready mode to ensure its proper operation throughout its lifetime.

If your descaling alert illuminates orange, your machine is blocked and it is necessary to descale it immediately. It’s very easy but please make sure to complete the entire descaling procedure.

If it’s not completed, the machine will remain blocked preventively. Please note that the descaling process is not long and will take approximately 20 minutes.

To start the process, lift and close the lever to eject any capsules in the used capsule container. Remove the cup support, empty the drip tray and the used capsule container.

Then remove the rapid cappuccino system. Fill the water tank with 100 ml of Nespresso descaling agent and add water up to the Descaling mark on the water tank. Take the descaling pipe situated at the back of the machine and plug it into the machine steam connector. Replace the water tank.

The machine enters the descaling mode.

Please note that the descaling alert blinks orange during the entire descaling process. The Espresso button illuminates white.

Place a One litre container under both the coffee outlet and the descaling pipe nozzle.

Then, press the Espresso button. Descaling product flows alternately through the coffee outlet, descaling pipe and drip tray.

When the descaling cycle is finished, the Lungo button illuminates white. Empty the drip tray, rinse out and fill the water tank

with fresh drinking water up to Max level. Press the lungo button again.

The rinsing cycle continues through the coffee outlet, descaling pipe and drip tray until the water tank turns empty.

During this phase, the lungo button blinks. Once the rinsing process is finished, the machine switches off. Remove and store the descaling pipe.

Be careful it can be hot! Empty the drip tray. Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water.

To finish, clean the machine using a damp cloth and place back the Rapid Cappuccino system.

Thank you for watching and well done!

You are now a master in descaling, and you can enjoy your favorite coffee again!


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