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Gaggia Classic ProHey guys today I’m going to review one of the best entry level home espresso machines the Gaggia Classic Pro…coming up!
So, this machine is only $500 (actually ONLY $450). So I wasn’t looking into automatic espresso machines like Nespresso and stuff like that. I was really looking into investing in a semi-automatic espresso machine. So, I purchased this machine at Whole Latte Love.
So huge shoutout to them because their customer service was really good and it’s just an amazing customer experience with Whole Latte Love. So this machine can really pull you some great espresso shots and also froth and steam some good milk. So, let’s just jump straight into some of the important facts of the Gaggia Classic Pro. Alright guys so this is the Gaggia Classic Pro.
This is really small, it fits really well in your kitchen. I’m going to give you the size on this post, and so let’s just talk about some of the important facts.
So this is considered off one of the best entry level home espresso machines, so this is a 100% Italian made which has been proven to be durable so it’s not only some general appliances it’s an actual machine that can last long. So some of the important facts with the Gaggia Classic Pro is it’s a single boiler machine which means, the water that’s being used to brew the espresso and also to steam the milk it’s the same water. So you cannot steam or brew at the same time. So these are the three buttons, this is the on button, this is the brew button, and also the steam button.

Alright so so this is the drip tray so a lot of people have complaints or it bothers them because with the drip tray they don’t have a sign to tell you that it’s full but to me honestly it doesn’t bother me at all because through these holes you can take a look at it and see how full it is and you can just dump it like it’s super easy.
Another important fact with the Gaggia Classic Pro is this three-way solenoid…three-way solenoid valve so what it really does is whenever you’re done brewing you’ll have a dry espresso puck which is really easy for you to just knock it off onto your knock box and clean it because some espresso machine don’t have that solenoid valve so whenever you’re done brewing you’ll have this soupy and really a big mess espresso puck which is really hard to clean and it’s just annoying.
So another thing is it comes with the 58 millimeter portafilter so this is the commercial style and it also comes with a commercial style steam wand. Through this machine you can really make some good latte art and pull great espresso shots. So later on I’m going to show you how I actually do my espresso shots and also steam my milk, so but before that we’re going to discuss some of the things that come with the Gaggia Classic Pro when you purchase it.
Of course there are several things that you need to purchase on the side: milk jugs, cups, and other stuff which I’m going to explain in the next post.
I’m going to show you the full equipment of the grinder that I use and stuff like that. So make sure you subscribe to this site and hit that notification bell button to get notified when the next post is coming out. So the Gaggia Classic Pro comes with a double shot pressurized filter basket, a single and double shot commercial basket, a plastic tamper, and a plastic coffee snoop.
So that’s it for today’s video, if you do enjoy this video please go ahead and like and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. In the next video I’m going to show you my full coffee corner, the equipment, the grinder that I use, the temper that i buy, and all the other equipment that i buy on the side of that Gaggia Classic Pro.
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Thank you so much for staying until the end of the post. I’ll see you on the next one.


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