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Привет ребят! Мы тестировали эти пять кофемолок, по одному обзору каждый день, и он завершится большим очным противостоянием, охватывающим множество вещей, касающихся эспрессо, фильтрованного кофе, вкуса и всего этого хорошего.

Монолит МАКС

И сегодня мы будем смотреть на это. Это Monolith MAX, лучший измельчитель на сегодняшний день.

И вы посмотрите на него, вы поймете, почему он называется Монолит.

Я заплатил полную цену за эту кофемолку, как и за все остальные здесь, и это 3250 долларов, что делает ее одной из самых дорогих здесь. Однако для раскрытия информации они действуют только по предварительному заказу.

Таким образом, они открывают предварительные заказы очень быстро, все стараются получить заказ, а затем они их закрывают. Мне не удалось получить MAX по предварительному заказу, я смог получить что-то еще, но они повысили мой заказ до MAX для этого обзора.


Позвольте мне рассказать вам немного о KafaTek, компании, стоящей за Monolith. Я думаю, что история компании началась в 2012 году, но этот измельчитель как проект появился в 2014 году, и на этом пути он претерпел несколько итераций. Теперь, внутри этой кофемолки, я скажу, что есть последний набор индивидуальных заусенцев, разработанный Денисом, основателем KafaTek, они называются Shuriken, типа наборов заусенцев, которые он создает. И они называются сладкими сюрикенами, что очень интересно.

МонолитНо прежде чем мы перейдем к выстрелу, давайте просто кратко рассмотрим, что происходит с этой кофемолкой.

Starting over on this side here, you’ll see there’s a little controller. That is an RPM controller because once again, we’ve got a variable RPM grinder. This runs up to a max RPM of 500, which is much, much, much lower than most of the other grinders here that can run at higher RPMs.

It’ll go all the way down to five, but again, that’s not really a viable RPM to be using day-to-day.

I’ve been running at 350 as was recommended to me. This control box is doing all of that motor control, but your motor is here angled sideways, which is kind of nice, the angling here, running up to the burr set here, coffee in, coffee out.

Now, the design feels not quite utilitarian, but it feels more like function-first. And that appeals to a lot of people. I quite like how this looks as a whole. The quality of build feels very solid. It’s not too heavy to be annoying, but it’s solid.

It’s not really going anywhere on your countertop. It feels very tightly sort of machined. All the tolerances are very, very nice. It’s been enjoyable to use.


Now, as is custom, let’s quickly talk through some of the accessories that come with these grinders.

We’ll start with a disappointing thing. This is the dosing cup for you to weigh your coffee beans into and it’s a little bit cheap in comparison to some of the other pieces here.

And it doesn’t really fit with the wider aesthetic of the grinder. This custom-made dosing funnel that you would put on top of your portafilter does feel quite nice.

It does have a small flaw to me in that the way it sits is with this piece inside the basket. And it’s really designed for 58mm baskets. When you pull it out, it does feel like it leaves a little gap around the edge, and that’s easily gotten rid of, but it’s not something that I particularly love about this.

But otherwise, it’s a very nice little funnel. It comes with a spray bottle. And I think the Monolith was one of the first grinders to start shipping with a spray bottle. It also comes with a distribution tool, and this one, it’s okay.

It does the job of breaking up clumps. It’s not a particularly fine needle point here, but it still works quite well. It’s not my favorite, but it’s a nice little tool.

And then it does come with a set of bellows. And these would go on top here, once you’ve sort of started grinding, and you would use it like that to blow through a little air to help clear any ground coffee from inside the burr chamber.

So it’s not bad, it works quite well. It is a material, it’s a rubber that does pick up dirt relatively easily, but overall, a nice little collection of accessories.

Now, this is an espresso-first kind of grinder. And you can tell that, one, because it’s back to portafilter forks. These are pretty easy to adjust.

There’s two screws here that would change the width of them to accommodate whatever portafilter you have and make sure it holds them quite tight. I would make sure you have a pretty snug fit.

Otherwise you can have a little vibration causing the portafilter to fall out.

And you can adjust the height here and here to have it be lower or higher as you desire. The grind runs from zero round to 10, though espresso, generally speaking, is in this sort of section of the grinder over here. You can go past 10, you can go coarser that way. And if you’re brewing filter coffee, you would certainly want to do that.

But from a design perspective, from a user perspective, it is espresso first.

Let’s make some coffee. The idea that I might take off this piece here to brush it out to make sure I’ve got every scrap of coffee out of this grinder is new to me, but after a little while, I kind of enjoyed that slightly slower process around prepping espresso.

And this exit chute attached by a magnet, innovation, I think was first seen on a Monolith. I’ve had a lot of very nice espresso from this grinder.

And stylistically, it is more of a unimodal-style espresso, where you’re having plenty of extraction, clarity, sweetness, all of that stuff, not a ton of texture. I sometimes wonder whether calling the burr Sweet has put an idea in my head, but shots have been sweet, tasty, enjoyable, but again, I am working with relatively light espresso roast, sort of light to medium espresso roast anyway, but the shots, very delicious.


When it comes to filter coffee though, I do have a couple of little frustrations beyond the fact that there isn’t an obvious sort of solution for dosing into something for filter coffee.

This feels very espresso forward, and the grind sort of range is an additional frustration for me there because by the time I’m brewing for filter, I’ve moved my little marker past the 10 point.

Now, I know what some people have done is put an additional sticker on the adjuster so that as they move it past that point, that comes into range here.

And so their filter sticker, they might know that goes to two for a V60 or four for a two-cup or something like that. But then they know the other one when they come back that they’re around three for espresso.

That’s a nice little hack, it’s neat, it’s very effective. I just wish it wasn’t necessary on a grinder that’s this expensive that is capable of brewing great filter coffee. And my other complaints about it, and I get to complain about everything ’cause that’s just who I am, are relatively minimal.

It is slow, and sometimes frustratingly slow. And you could argue if that’s gonna yield me better-tasting espresso, that’s probably okay. And I’ll, to some extent, accept that.

I know we need to do more work on RPM in a future post and how that impacts flavor and other stuff.

This piece here, it’s actually a separate piece. It’s a little funnel that prevents anything popcorning and bouncing back out again.

I just wish this funnel piece here was a little bit steeper. I’ve found that occasionally, especially when you’ve sprayed the beans, you can get a little bit of stickage here where beans just don’t wanna fall in and you’ve gotta just poke them in like that.

So I would just change this little angel here on this funnel if it were me, otherwise, it’s a very nice piece. Now, if you wanna access those large burrs, it’s a little bit of work. You can see you’re gonna need tools to get in here. So it’s not gonna be something you’re gonna do every day.

You can get a bit of access by sort of taking this piece off and going in through the funnel here and giving it like a bit of a brush out if you want to, but it’s not meaningful in terms of actually getting into the burr chamber.

Generally prefer grinders

Now, this isn’t something I would necessarily change. I just generally prefer grinders where it’s easier to access the burr set here. This piece is a little spout, is a little access spout, is very neat, very simple, and I like that a lot. But in terms of componentry, the actual box that controls your RPM doesn’t feel in keeping with the rest of the unit.

The unit is very heavy, very solidly made. This is, I suspect, a third-party component, something brought in and placed inside, but it just doesn’t feel as nice. It’s pretty easy to use.

You just use your dial to choose your desired RPM, and you push the button in to save that RPM.

From a usability perspective, it’s great. I just wish it felt just a little bit nicer like everything else on here does. And again, this box is a big box and I like having it under the machine.

I like this integration of everything here, but it does give you a certain kind of boxy aesthetic and a kind of funny proportion sometimes. But I understand that this is constrained by the size of the components inside. It can be a little bit messy.

The bellows here often blow a little bit of coffee around onto the forks here and onto the base unit here. It’s easy and exposed and simple to clean, but it is a touch messy compared to some of the other grinders. But I don’t think the worst, necessarily, but worth noting.

Overall, I like this grinder a lot. I like the results from it a lot.

I like using it a lot. The workflow works pretty well for me. Yes, there’s some nicer accessories with other grinders, but from a shot perspective, from a brewed coffee perspective, I think it does very well. And it’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up against the other four grinders in the big head-to-head coming tomorrow.

I’m very excited to get into the tasting and really compare and contrast side-by-side. Now, I don’t get to keep this unit. This goes to one of my Patreon supporters because Patreon gives me a budget every month to buy these things, like a normal person, not get freebies or loaners or discounts from manufacturers. And then I can give you honest, unbiased opinions.

Я буду скучать по нему и по всем. Но если вы хотите знать, какой из них я бы оставил, ну, вам просто нужно будет посмотреть видео, которое выйдет очень скоро.

Кульминация Grinder Week, грандиозного очного противостояния.

Но теперь я хотел бы услышать ваше мнение в комментариях ниже. У тебя есть такой? У вас есть один из последних? У вас есть более ранний? Каким был твой опыт? Как ваши снимки, какой у вас набор заусенцев?

Вы тоже пробовали новый Shuriken Sweet? Вы собираетесь обновить или изменить? Я хотел бы услышать ваше мнение в комментариях ниже. Но пока я говорю вам огромное спасибо и надеюсь, что у вас будет отличный день.


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