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Today I’m reviewing the Keurig K-Elite. I know some of you have asked for this review so here it is.

Appearance and equipment

It’s thirteen point one inches in height, sixteen point five inches when it’s open nine point nine inches wide and twelve point seven inches deep it raised eight pounds the cord length is about 26 inches.
The finish looks premium and comes in gold silver and slate. The reservoir is removable and holds 75 ounces. It slides into the side just take the lid off to fill water and there’s a marked max fill line. So don’t fill water above that.
Keurig k-eliteThis is the included filter kit. There’s a holder and a filter. The filter goes inside this plastic holder and the holder goes inside the reservoir on top of the black piece.
I don’t usually use the included filter because I’m already using filtered water. The drip tray is removable and you can fit travel mugs that aren’t two inches tall. It’ll hold about a cup of overflow. The cover is metal and heavy unlike a lot of Keurigs where the cover is plastic.
To use the unit plug in the machine press the power on button it’ll light up green notice the add water blue light is blinking this because I have no water in the reservoir.
There’s a descale light that will come on when it’s time to descale the Keurig there’s a hot water button perfect for tea if you want to use a tea bag instead of a TK cup it’s less expensive the hot water but there’s also good for instant soup oatmeal and hot cocoa.
There’s no touchscreen, it’s actual physical buttons which I actually prefer. There are five cup size options; they’re not numbered but there are pictures for 6 ounce, 8 ounce, 10 ounce and 12 ounce.

How to use Keurig K-Elite

There’s a strong option: you press it to get a stronger brew; it generally takes a little bit longer to brew.
There’s an iced button you fill your plastic cup with ice and brew for iced drinks.
It’s nice to have the four rounds option for those who want a really strong cup of coffee 6 K cup Padre. Pack was included and there’s also a Quick Start Guide when the power button is turned on it’ll be green and when you fill the water it’ll start heating the water. The noise of heating water takes about three minutes. If no more heating sound and that’s when you know the unit is ready to brew.
The programming button uses the up and down arrows to program press it once you see the time you can change it using the arrows press it again for the menu, then again for the temperature you can set the brew time between 187 and 192 degrees Fahrenheit.
The auto on feature lets you set a time for when you want to brew a cup of coffee the auto off automatically turns your Brewer off two hours after the last brews when you see this moon icon that means the auto off is enabled you can program the unit to shut off in 15-minute increments after the last brew.

First start of the device

When you first get the unit renders the reservoir i’ve already filled it to the max line with water if you’re using the included filter put it in the reservoir before you fill with water before using the unit to make coffee or tea run a cycle with just water put them back on the tray press the power button it’ll be green the unit will heat up the water and you’ll hear a sound and after the heating sound stops it’s ready to brew there’s no lighting up of any buttons to let you know that the unit is ready to brew you just have to listen for the heating sound to stop I’ll press hot water and all five cup sizes are lit up I’ll press the 8 ounce. The hot water is done brewing now we can brew a cup of coffee after you brew one cup you can hear the water heating up again the heating took just about 30 seconds so you can quickly brew another cup.
The hot water button is very convenient and it’s nice to have a designated hot water button because in other Keurig to brew just hot water you open and close the lid with this unit. You don’t have to do that, you just have to press the hot water button as if the Keurig were not easy enough to use. They’ve made it even easier with this cure you can use coffee k-cups TK cups hot cocoa k cups. You can also use ground coffee or tea leaves with the k cup reusable filter. Let’s brew a cup of coffee and press the power button. I’ll use a coffee kick-up pod to close the lid. I’ll choose the 10 ounce cup size.

3 steps. Keurig K-Elite

The brewing under a minute it’s close to 180. it’s winter, it’s very cold outside. The cup just came ahead of my cupboard and it is cold so that does affect the temperature of the coffee a little bit it’s hot enough for me and it tastes like a good cup of coffee just like with most hearings the coffee tastes very good it doesn’t taste watered down at 10 ounces of course. The smaller the brew size the stronger it will taste.
When you’re done brewing, lift up the lid and just remove the pot to clean remove the used pod, put your finger underneath the pot holder and just push up. It’ll pop out this funnel on the bottom and is removable. You just pull it right off and when you’re done rinsing it just pop it back in wash the pot holder with warm soapy water and rinse it there’s a needle inside the pot holder and a needle up here those are the needles that puncture the k-cup pods clean the entrance and exit needle once in a while to loosen any coffee grounds that are stuck after the pot holder is clean just push it back in the reservoir can be washed with soapy water and dried just don’t use a cloth to dry the inside of the reservoir because you don’t want lint inside.


I’ll show you how to use the reusable filter in this unit. Pop out the cake and a potholder the filter goes inside and fills it with coffee. There’s a small sized mug line and a large mug line fill to either line depending on what size you’re brewing. I feel coffee to the top line for the larger cup. The lid has an unlocked picture and that should match up with the dot in the holder. Just turn it and it will close, put the filter in, close the lid and of course put a cup on the tray. I know it’s the simplest thing that sometimes we forget and that’s why I like the removable drip trays I can hold overflow because accidents can happen of course I’ll choose the 10 ounce size.

Again it almost hits 180 and I staying in the fact that the cup is cold you can of course rinse your cold cup out with hot water before you broke up of coffee if you really want that hot coffee but I don’t know how many of us want to do that extra step in the morning so the brew time between cups is really short the water’s already hot so you don’t have to wait for your second cup of coffee or tea it’s a strong cup of coffee it is so strong a cup of coffee then the k-cup pods because I used my own ground coffee and a lot more of it than you would find in the K Cup. And depending on the grind you use there will be some sediment on the bottom more sediment than if you’d use a k-cup take out the filter when you’re done take the lid off the filter it is hot so be careful. Throw out the grounds right away and just rinse the filter, the cover and the holder if you leave this sitting around the grinds will just be hard and form a solid block it’ll just be harder to clean even if it gets hard.

Coffee or tea

The coffee is not that hard to clean but if you’re using tea leaves you should really dump it out right away because that forms a very solid block and it takes longer to clean this little inexpensive filter by the way is a great way to save money on pods.


I’ll show you the iced option so you see how much coffee generally you’re supposed to use a plastic cup with ice. I’m just gonna brew the coffee straight into my glass measuring cup without any ice. It’s freezing, it’s winter. I don’t want any iced tea or coffee but I just want to see how much it’ll brew.
Put on holder in put a teapot in and press iced so you’re getting six ounces total that’ll go over ice it’s a little bit stronger than if I had just brewed a regular eight ounce cup of tea using this pod the Keurig looks sleek and modern it seems solid gives you many cup size options as well as strong brew and iced options.

I definitely like it

I really like the hot water button since I can use my favorite tea bag the reservoir is very large so you don’t have to keep filling it with water it rose really quickly and you don’t have to wait too long between brewing two cups if you want to try out this Keurig K-Elite I do try to review as many as I possibly can I can’t commit so I’m not gonna say yes I’m gonna review it but I will try if I get a chance or if I can actually get my hands on the product as always if you found this review helpful and useful subscribe to my blog and like this post. I’ll see you next time thanks for the visit.


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