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Rancilio Silvia EspressoFriends, hello everyone! Today I will tell you about the parameters of making espresso at home using a home espresso machine. Here on such a carob coffee maker. 

Let’s pay attention to the most important points: I will tell you exactly and step by step what to do and why specific actions are taken, so we look to the end, subscribe to the channel and be sure to like it! Go!

So, the espresso technology – it has absolutely clear parameters and it doesn’t matter where you use it: at home or in a coffee shop; Whether you are a coffee trainer, a barista or an amateur barista, this is a person who at home enjoys making coffee.

So the very first thing to start with is right choosing the grind for your espresso!

Grind for espresso

How to do it? But I’ve already picked it up, but I’ll show you, in principle, how this procedure is carried out! Look, I have such a coffee grinder! It 

has a grind adjustment. There are, let’s say, two main steps: setting the grind and 

adjusting the grind. Grinding adjustment is when you don’t know what your grinder is capable of and you are looking for the very point that will bring you as close as possible to the espresso. Espresso parameters: 

  • this is a drink with a volume of 25 milliliters plus / minus 3
  • is a drink that should be prepared in 25 seconds and plus or minus 3 seconds the
  • ratio of classic espresso coffee 


Now I’m talking about classic espresso. Not about modern, not about the espresso that is prepared in coffee houses – this is when for we use three and a half to four milliliters of water for one gram of coffee!

Yes, don’t be alarmed! Previously, Italian espresso – it was 7 grams of coffee, they took 25 – 30 milliliters of the drink. If you look at the parameters of modern espresso, they change slightly.

Let me make some noise. What is important in making espresso in terms of grinding? It is important to select it or adjust the grind, or even the most important one is that the espresso must immediately be prepared, that is, there is no need and no ground need to grind the coffee in advance.

If you still want to act according to the logic of technology espresso, then grind just before you are going to prepare this drink. 

So, the classic parameters of espresso are as follows: you took 7 grams of Italian coffee. Yes, it was coffee, often with the addition of robusta and was prepared for 25 milliliters of drink. Now they have changed! Why did this happen? Due to the fact that the range of coffees, which began to be prepared using espresso technology, has greatly expanded and the diameter of the roasting range has also expanded. It used to be thought that making espresso requires a dark roast, or at least a medium plus. No!

It doesn’t count like that today! Today you can use medium roast and dark! Why? Well, because in a dark roast a lot of taste is lost, coffee becomes not very pleasant to taste, and therefore the young guys, young baristas thought: why do I need a dark roast? I will try to do it with such a roast and are faced with the fact that everything is fine: the taste is excellent, but only the coffee is under extracted – that is, you do not get that volume, that strength, that richness, that aftertaste is lighter in roasting, especially if it is 100% Arabica! And then the parameters began to change. They began to reduce the proportion, more precisely, to increase the amount of ground coffee by the volume of water, and now you will often see the proportion when 1 gram of coffee uses only 2 milliliters of water, that is, it is almost halved!

But, believe me, and understand correctly – the espresso parameters have remained unchanged! The parameters of an espresso are a drink that must have a minimum volume of 22 milliliters. Remember? 25 + \ – 3 milliliters. That is, at least 22 milliliters. In rare cases 20. That’s when we can call it espresso! What is important to make a quality espresso? So I ground coffee! The grind is selected simply empirically: 

  • grinded,
  • covered,
  • tried to cook. 

What are we striving for in such a coffee maker, here in an ordinary household coffee maker? In addition, what they strive for in a coffee shop is that the grind is so fine that we can make a cup of coffee at this time. The holder must always be kept in the brew group so that it is hot, but at the same time, before pouring coffee into it, it must be thoroughly wiped, remove the remaining coffee and dry. 

An ideal holder is when the holder is clean, dry and hot – these are the ideal parameters of the holder! Why? The fact is that the holder is part of the brewing unit, part of the brewing unit of the coffee machine. And if it is cold, accordingly, at this stage, your drink will be cooled, the taste of coffee will be distorted.


The Next step is, of course, the dosage! That is, the amount of ground coffee and the tamping (forming the coffee tablet). For these purposes, you need a scale. You can have such small scales, but it is inconvenient, not very convenient to put your holder on them. Therefore, I will use my large weights. But if you do not have such – it’s okay, such small scales will do. This means that here I have a double port filter in this coffee machine, and when we ourselves talk about setting the grind in any coffee machine: professional or domestic, we always use it with you to adjust the grind double port filter, because it has the correct shape. And only then we adjust to a single port filter, but not by grinding, but by dosage. 

I will explain the essence. Look, when we are talking about grinding, we must remember that the grinding and dosage of coffee, that is, the grinding is directly related to the amount of coffee, to grams. If we change the gramme, then we also change the grind. In this holder, I need 12 grams of coffee. If, conditionally, I want more (here my scales show more), but now I will level the coffee and return to the gramme. Leveling – you can hand, you can do something additionally. I level the coffee in such a way that as much as possible all the cavities that cover are formed inside the holder. To make it difficult for water to pass through the coffee and for the water to maximize the coffee extract, this is the very liquid that we want to see in the cup. Now, I have not tempered the coffee yet, and the tablet should already be as even as possible, as possible well distributed inside the holder.

I set the holder on a scale from 12 grams of coffee. That is, if we conventionally say, to return to grinding, then the grinding and dosage are related. That is, at 12 grams of grind, here I now have 4. If you use 10 grams of coffee, the grind will be correspondingly thinner, otherwise the coffee will spill faster than necessary for the espresso parameters.


What is important when tempering? Install them correctly and evenly holder, support the holder horizontally on some surfaces, preferably on a cloth, or on a special tempering mat. If you have such a spoon, then you need to clamp it here, on the surface of the site. In this way, set your fingers and temper. In a household coffee machine, tampering does not require much effort if we are talking about such an ordinary coffee machine. You just need to seal well and this can be done several times. In a professional car, tempering is done only once. There is preparation and the final stage of tempering.

Then we clean the surface of the holder from residues. That is, we remove these remnants. There should be no spaces after tempering or cracks! There shouldn’t be anything in the holder! Coffee should be as evenly as possible along the horizon distributed and compacted as well as possible. If I do less dosage, then I decrease the grind. I do more dosage, respectively, coarse grinding.

They say that grinding is fine and coarse. Not small and large, but thin and coarse! Therefore, I increase and coarse. Here minus 12 grams, so the grinding is like this. Unfortunately, too ideally build a grind for two from one coffee grinder it is impossible holders, therefore, often, a single holder does not mean that there will be 6 grams! Most likely there will be 8 grams; that is, in order for the drinks to be as similar as possible from a double and from a single holder, you need to adjust in such a way that in our single holder we add about 20% of the volume of coffee that we have, then you will have a drink as similar as possible. Why is the water from the brew group spilled? There are several important points here: the first point is to clean the brew group of coffee residues and the second task is to stabilize the temperature. While we removed the holder with you, while I was tempering, during this time the brewing unit cooled down and the temperature in it dropped, but inside, on the contrary, it rose – it will be high. When you spill, you will thus stabilize the temperature inside the coffee machine. 

Before how to make coffee, be sure to shed the brewing unit! The cup must be clean! The ideal cup temperature for making an espresso is 40 degrees. It is important! This affects the further process of tasting, the taste of the coffee that we will get. Next, insert the holder and click on the button. In order to correctly do the coffee, the cup must be weighed. Here’s to put on the scales. These are ordinary scales, they need to be over packed.

The time is counted from the moment you press the button. So I pressed the time button! As soon as there are about 20 milliliters, I need 24. As a result, the coffee maker will fill up a little there, and I will press the stop! And if everything is done correctly, then it should happen in 25 +/- 3 seconds. Now I can see that the grinding is a little bit thin, in my opinion. Yes, already 20 seconds have passed, that is, our grinding is too thin! The coffee is hard to spill, it cannot pass through the coffee pill, but I advise you not to turn off the stopwatch in order to understand how fine the grind is. That is, how much it needs to be roughened, otherwise you will not have information about grinding and how to do it correctly.

That’s it, the grind is very fine because the coffee was prepared in 47 seconds – that’s a very long time! Continues to dig up a cup of coffee. Outwardly, everything seems to look good, but such coffee will be over extracted, digested. And he will greatly go into bitterness. So, see what to do next!

To make, of course, a coarser grind! This is a pretty decent time difference from what we need. We need 25 seconds, but here the coffee is brewed for as much as 47 seconds! That is, it is a fairly fine grind. I can turn on the grinder.

What can be in this case done? Of course, the easiest way is to it grind coarser. In this case, as a rule, you need to do it with a couple of clicks on this grinder. Depending on the type of coffee grinder, this, of course, can be a different number of clicks and different adjustments, but we will do it differently: I will reduce the portion. Remember when I said that grind and dosage are related? Since now it is no longer possible for me to simply change the grind. Because I cannot turn on the grinder due to the noise that can form at night, I will reduce the dosage of coffee. So, well, set the holder! He got even warmer during this time when he was making coffee. I load coffee into the port filter. Ideally, of course, we had to stay at a dosage of 12 grams and make the meal, but as we do with you now can not directly. It’s already a pity, so much information has been written down, then grinding is the easiest thing to do. We will reduce the dosage.

Here we have 9 grams, and I will make 10 grams! I have a cup. Clean and warm it is warmed up. Last time I also warmed a cup with water. Still often asked to warm up with water or steam? Of course, it is better to warm up the cup with water, because it will be heated non-uniformly with steam. Somewhere it will be warmed up warm, somewhere hot – that is, as a rule, it takes a lot of time for this process. Stamped again, again make a small spill, insert the holder into the brew group. Remember what the strait was made for? In order to stabilize the temperature inside the brewing unit.

We stock up and press start! Simultaneously both there and there, as a rule, the first drops are 5-7 seconds. This is how it happened at 7 seconds, I saw the first drops of coffee in a cup. Now coffee brews faster – it is noticeable! Obviously faster! Now I want to get the volume of my espresso. Oops! It took 27 seconds to prepare my cup of coffee. At the exit, I stopped at 20 seconds. In fact, the coffee maker did drop notto 20 milliliters, but to 29-30 milliliters. Well, the ratio is 1 to 3 and 1 to 2; and 1 to 3 are all appropriate proportions. They are also directly related to the coffee that is prepared. Here I have a mixture, here you can experiment in different ways: 1 to 3 is normal and 1 to 2; and 1 even to 3.5 will also be good.

27 seconds 29 milliliters – in principle, it is possible without changing the grinding, to reduce the dosage and obtain the necessary parameters. In order to make it even more precise, you can pour in 9 grams and 25 milliliters will be cooked directly in 25 seconds! These are the basic points to keep in mind when preparing an espresso! This means that if you are going to make the after a short time next portion of coffee, the tablet can be left in the holder, but it is better to always discard the tablet – this can be done in order, say, to slightly stabilize the temperature of the brewing unit, but the dirt that will come from this tablets in the brewing unit, it will do more harm than good from the fact that you will do a clear temperature. 

Here, throw the tablet away, wipe the holder and put back in place. You can, of course, also make a spill in order to clean the brewing unit so that all coffee residues are rinsed out and the brewing unit is absolutely clean. Today we talked with you about


 the main parameters of espresso, how important they are when working with a home espresso machine. Do you still have any questions, or perhaps I missed something … There is a lot of information and the post turned out, most likely, very large … Please ask these questions in the comments! Passikuvat your friends that have a website about coffee here such. There fore, hello everyone! I am very glad that you are reading this! Everyone Thanks! Bye Bye!!!


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