Nova Simonelli and Rocket Espresso

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We see a beginner level device. Both machines are good and to give you a glimpse of their history … I think you talked about that.

But both are Italian machines: Nova Simonelli and Rocket Espresso. In fact, Simonelli is the one who started the commercial espresso machine.

It is really powerful.

They are very famous because of their sponsorship of the World Barista Championship … and they have been sponsors for several years. They have very strong steaming. It’s a very good thing especially for an espresso machine this size, at this price.

Nuova SimonelliShe is really very powerful. Rocket first began to manufacture it locally. They focused on what the local consumer wanted. And now they have a manufacturing line for commercial machines too. But originally they were local.

You know, both machines are heat exchange machines.

Which is good, because it is possible to prepare and steam the coffee at the same time.

But when we see the advantages. Rocket Appartamento beats Oscar in some respects.

You have a beautiful stainless steel body right down to the drip tray. And you have the scale at the bottom. You have a hot water stick. So if you want to make coffee or tea, you just have to heat the water. These are great features.

The Oscars don’t have these extra features.

The Oscars are a good machine, but it doesn’t have these extra features. While they are in the same category, Oscar is the cheapest machine. In the end, what you prefer is your own personal decision. In Oscar’s machine there is this key. Full steam startup.

And when you do, do it with caution because it moves so fast. As for the Rocket machine, you can operate and control it however you like.

Both are really good machines

Personally, I started using rockets and have now been using Oscars for several years. Do write to us if you have any comments, I would like to know additional differences.

I think if you are a beginner and interested in making drinks at home, both machines will serve you properly.

Rocket espresso appartamentoBy using the Apartamento, you will have more control over the preparation than with Oscar’s instrument

If you are interested in the scale and control of pre-humidification, I advise you to buy the appartamento. With the Oscars you will prepare in advance, so if you love to quickly prepare coffee such as cappuccino and espresso, it will be the occasion.

Yes, this is what I think.

Design-wise, we consider the Apartamento to be more classic and more traditional in appearance.

As for the Oscars, they are the modern ones. You now have two classic and modern machines. I admit that I am a fan of chrome. Rocket was an excellent design.

I also like their brand, I like the logo placed in the right place.

They put them on the back and front on the handles in a beautiful and precise way. Yes I think I like this I think it’s beautiful. If the machine is on a bar, it will appear to people very beautifully. I like this very much. The Oscars are not bad on the back, there is a plastic wrap as well as the trademark engraved.


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