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Привет, любители кофе.

Из свежих цельнозерновых зерен на каждую чашку можно приготовить ряд фаворитов качества кафе.

Благодаря съемному графину с автоматическим вспениванием молочные напитки – это просто. Наслаждайтесь латте, капучино, ровный белый цвет и многое другое одним прикосновением к цветному экрану.

Чтобы приготовить качественный кофе, эспрессо и напитки на основе молока эспрессо, вам нужно начать с цельномолотых зерен прямо перед завариванием. Так что забудьте о предварительном измельчении и даже не думайте о дорогостоящем и расточительном измельчении в капсуле. Попробуй что-нибудь намного лучше.


Gaggia Magenta Prestige

Это невероятно удобно и настраивается, чтобы приготовить напитки в кафе именно так, как вы хотите.

Сегодня я подробно рассмотрю Gaggia Magenta Prestige. Этот тонкий корпус позволяет с легкостью наслаждаться любимыми блюдами кафе у себя дома, а некоторые ключевые возможности и функции являются отличным соотношением цены и качества по сравнению с машинами других производителей.

Некоторые ключевые возможности и особенности

Magento Prestige использует простой, но мощный цветной сенсорный интерфейс. Выберите из одиннадцати вариантов напитков и горячей воды. Итак, у вас есть эспрессо, кофе, капучино, латте макиато, американо, горячая вода, эспрессо лунго, кафе с молоком… мой фаворит – плоский уайт… ристретто, кафе кортадо и взбитое молоко без добавок. Теперь все они запрограммированы на традиционную громкость, но вы можете настроить ее по своему вкусу. И это одна из моих любимых особенностей машины… когда вы выбираете напиток для приготовления, вам предоставляются все параметры.


Таким образом, вы будете знать, сколько кофе будет сварено… сколько молока будет вспениваться для молочных напитков… вы можете изменить температуру на трех уровнях и изменить крепость кофе на пяти уровнях или установить значок мерной ложки для использования предварительно намолотого кофе. Типичное использование для этого – приготовление напитков без кофеина. Просто добавьте мерную ложку кофе без кофеина в дозатор и используйте ее для любых напитков в автомате.

За исключением американо, любой из кофейных напитков можно приготовить по два за раз.

The Magenta does it right using two grind cycles. Just touch the upper right area to get two cups in the display. The single cup settings get doubled up and the Magenta does that second grind cycle automatically. Machines from most other manufacturers they’re just going to push more water through the same amount of ground coffee. Do two cups on those and they will be weaker and potentially over-extracted resulting in bitter flavors. With a separate grind cycle for each cup you get the same strength and no over-extraction on the Magenta Prestige.

Simplified programming

Now Gaggia has really simplified programming on the Magenta. If you change any of the settings for a drink after it’s made, you’ll have the option to save those changes. Now do nothing or touch return and your changes will be for that brewing only. Or touch the checkmark and save changes permanently. I’ve used a lot of bean to cup automatics and I really like the way that works and you will too. It’s super easy programming but very convenient on those mornings when you know maybe you could use a stronger or larger cup of coffee.

Now if you’re not familiar with bean to cup automatics here’s how they work… Just load with water and whole beans of your choice up top. When you select your drink those beans are ground fresh by a high quality ceramic burr grinder that’s adjustable to suit the bean type you’re using. Ground coffee is delivered to the brew unit in the machine.

Brew unit

Think of that as the little barista that does all the work for you. After brewing spent grounds go to the used coffee drawer which holds the results of fifteen brew cycles.

The drip tray slides out for easy emptying of excess water and used coffee.

For milk drinks attach the carafe… select your drink and the machine does the rest.

A standout feature is changing the order of milk and coffee preparation based on the drink being made. It’s an exclusive feature for a machine at this price and makes a big difference in finished drink quality. For a cappuccino or latte macchiato milk is frothed first.

But it’s espresso first then milk for drinks like the flat white, cafe au lait or cortado.

That’s exactly how a barista would do it. If you like the milk drinks and are looking at other machines, do yourself a favor and make sure it has that prep order flipping capability. You’re not going to find it from other manufacturers until you get into their much more expensive machines. And it makes a huge difference in finished drink quality.

Milk drinks

The carafe makes milk drinks easy. When done making them the carafe has a quick clean function.

You’ll have that option right after making a milk drink or can do it anytime by touching “clean/set” to select… then “clean” and the checkmark to start. This runs hot water through the frothing components with milk still in the carafe. When done the carafe can go back in the fridge ready to go for next time.

And speaking of features usually only found on machines costing a lot more let’s talk about how flat whites and Americanos are made on the Magenta Prestige… A traditional flat white uses a double shot of espresso with about four ounces or one hundred twenty milliliters of frothed milk over the top. The Magenta does two grind cycles for a true double shot.

Flat white

With up to eleven point five grams per grind cycle you can range right up to a triple shot worth of coffee in your flat white. Only Gaggia machines can do that.

The Americano is what the coffee geeks are drinking for its unique flavor profile. If not familiar, it’s espresso with pure hot water mixed over top. Made on the Magenta it’s done right. A shot of espresso is extracted and then pure hot water is added. The result is a coffee which has more flavor of the bean and interestingly less caffeine than a regular coffee made from the same amount of grounds due to the shorter contact time of brewed water with the coffee.

Some other features of the Magenta Prestige… If you like hot drinks, you’ll like this machine. Long coffees are delivered in a range of one hundred seventy-five to one hundred ninety degrees in a high setting. I’ve used a lot of bean to cup machines and the Magenta is one of the few which I sometimes change the temp from high to medium.

If you’re tight on counter space

If you’re tight on counter space the Magenta at just eight point eight inches wide is one of the narrowest machines available. Height to the top of the display is fourteen point one inches. You’ll need about seventeen and a quarter inches to open the access doors to the sixty ounce water reservoir and the bean hopper which holds a little over one half pound of coffee. Coffee spouts are adjustable and you can fit taller to go cups like this Camelback With five and three quarter inches of clearance under those. A removable platform holds shorter cups nearer to the spouts to reduce splashing when using those.

With a color touch display… easy programing and capabilities typically reserved for more expensive machines the Gaggia Magenta Prestige is an excellent value in super-automatic espresso machines.

The machine comes with a two year warranty and users regularly report in excess of fifteen thousand brew cycles with regular maintenance on these types of machines. That’s the Gaggia Magenta Prestige. It’s available now from Whole Latte love. If you have questions on this machine or anything coffee use the comments and I’ll get you a detailed answer.

I do hope you’ll come back soon for more of the best on everything coffee brought to you by whole latte love.


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