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Today we’re going to be talking about the top espresso machines, because coffee for some people, it’s just a hot beverage you drink in the morning. And for other people like myself, it is the lifeblood that makes every day that much less terrible.

And if you’re serious about brewing coffee at home, then you probably got a burr grinder, a pour over  coffee maker, a French press. But what’s your espresso game like? So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. And I’ll break down the features and benefits.

And so today I’ll be looking at the  top three espresso machines and breaking them down by their features and benefits. So you get a chance to see which one of these might be the best choice for you based upon your particular situation. And as always, I’ll include links to each of these below so you can check for updated pricing and availability for any of these that you might be interested in. Also, if there are any special deals or discounts on any of these, I’ll include that late.

Barista Touch

So if you’re just looking for the best overall espresso machine, then look no further than the Breville Barista Touch because it is by far the most intuitive, user friendly, reliable espresso machine that we  got a chance to test because it takes quite a feat of technique to pull a perfect shot of espresso  time after time you need practice patience, understanding of the science but the Barista Touch significantly reduces the guesswork on all of those things.

It’s got an advanced digital temperature controller which they call app ID and the recent touch produced shot after shot of creamy smooth, flavorful espresso it was consistently of the same quality.

Another key element is the thermal jet heating system, which allows you to get the machine ready in just  three seconds.

We’re blown away by the touchscreen feature on the machine. It sets it apart from the  competition. If you have no knowledge of coffee at all, you’ll be able to pull an espresso shot  within minutes. And all of that is done by simply touching the options on the LCD display machine. Barista Touch BrevilleWe’ll walk you through the ins and outs of making the perfect latte espresso cappuccino Americano.

For the advanced drinkers out there it gives you the option to save those specifications of how you like your desired drink. So if you want to pre program the weight of the coffee, or the grind size, or the time of the brewing the temperature of the steam one, even the texture of the steam  milk, you can do all that by touching a button.

Package comes with four filter baskets, including  a single wall basket for the aficionados who want to hone their expressive skills. It comes with a razor that trimmed off any of the excess coffee grounds once it was tightly packed into the portafilter, and that made sure that every shot was exactly the same would require a more professional device to extract overall the recent touch was the easiest machine to dial in as its user friendly features allow us to adjust the ground weight and the grind size with no difficulty.

And what made it really remarkable was how perfect it is for coffee drinkers who had different levels  of expressive fluency.

So if you’re new to it, or you’ve actually worked in a Starbucks anything in between, they have tutorials on the touchscreen that will help you troubleshoot any problems that might occur and if you are a professional drinker, it has the versatility and customization to maximize your creativity in pulling the perfect shot.

So if you’re just looking  for the best espresso machine overall, then you might want to consider  the Breville Barista Touch.  

Gaggia Classic Pro

The best value espresso machine that we tested was the Gaggia Classic Pro, and though it may not look as exciting as the Bravo models that we tested, the Gaggia Classic pro constantly pulled the best shots of espresso in our round up. It’s an upgrade from Gaggia as popular espresso machine the classic that are commonly seen with commercial grade espresso makers, including a three way solenoid overpressure valve that helps discard dry coffee, including a three way solenoid overpressure valve that helps discard dry coffee Puck easily which  is the little ring of coffee that’s left over in the portafilter after you’ve brewed your espresso.


Speaking of the portafilter, its chrome brass it’s 58 millimeters wide and it’s on par with a commercial grade portafilters which may explain why continuously pulled those really perfect shots of espresso time and again, the texture was so superior on them they were so full body and flavor in every one of our taste tests.

The Gaggia model was also the only machine that we tested that produced crema with that little leopard like speckles, which gave each shot its unique depth taste was pleasant. It had notes of caramel and cocoa which indicated a really high quality coffee and the commercial grade steam one froth the milk into a velvety foam that helped us create some really, really sweet lattes.

The machine also comes with three filter baskets, one pressurized basket for consistency, one single wall for creativity, and a pod basket for the ESC pods, which is a specialty pod made by an espresso.

Although we’re satisfied with its overall performance, the guy you aren’t without any flaws. It took about five minutes to brew doubleshot from start to finish, which is a few minutes longer  than some of the other machines out there. And it didn’t have a p ID system, which we mentioned  earlier is the thermal system that allows it to heat up and monitor the temperature and it took  about 30 seconds to heat up. So no really no big deal there. It’s not as user friendly as some of  the models that we tested. But if your goal Is the perfect cafe quality shot time and again,  the guys he is definitely going to deliver there.  

So if you’re just looking for the best value  espresso machine on the market, then the Gaggia  

Classic Pro likely would be a good option for you.

Breville Infuser

The best espresso machine for beginners that we came across was the Breville Infuser. And when it  comes to balancing convenience with affordability, the Breville Infuser is right smack dab in the  middle because it provides the majority of rebels most advanced features without costing you an  arm and a leg and maybe another leg and another arm who knows how much you can drink the coffee.

That’s all that really matters. Like the breeze to touch. This model has a pre Infusion function  that gives the coffee grounds that thorough low pressure wash before it pumps pressure through  them to start extracting the oils beans, the PID heating system accurately controlled  the water temperature to make sure the brew had the best results.

Breville Infuser


You can also adjust  the temperature in increments of four degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also programmable which allowed us to save our favorite coffee presets for easy brewing while we were testing it so that we knew that when we brewed a cup it was consistent with what the cup was before and after.

The analog pressure gauge can tell you whether the pressures reached the required level and  whether you’re over under extracting your coffee.  

And this specific feature made dialing in so much easier and took out the guesswork when we first started to test it. Ultimately the infuser makes a great learning tool for beginners who just want to learn how to become an at home barista, which is a fun little skill to have.

So we’re just looking for the best espresso machine for beginners, then  the Breville Infuser is likely going to be a great choice for you.

So hopefully you found this post helpful. If so please feel free to leave a thumbs up as I always appreciate it a good digital pat on the back feels oh so nice.

And just a reminder that I’ll include links to each of these products down below so you can check for updated pricing and availability for any of them that you might be interested in. Also, let me know any comments or questions you have. I always love getting to answer as many of those as I can. But otherwise, thanks so much for the visit. Hope you have a great rest of your day. Stay safe out there and I’ll see you in the next posts.


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