The Bezzera Duo MN is espresso expert

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Bezzera DUO MNSince 1901 Bezzera has been manufacturing espresso  machines and is considered one of the leading founders in the history of traditional espresso.

They have continuously evolved and improved their line of machines as the espresso market expects more from their equipment. The Bezzera Duo MN is no exception.

Today I have the Bezzera Duo MN here with me and I’ll be walking us through a brief overview to get  a little bit more familiar with this impressive machine.

Let’s take a look at the Bezzera Duo MN is an exquisite dual boiler espresso machine with a hearty rotary pump stunning e6 group head and a pid for temperature control.

It can be plumbed directly to your water line or run  off its own massive 4 liter reservoir; this elegant piece of machinery stands at 16.7 inches tall, 12.8 inches wide and 18.5 inches deep.

Duo has a surprisingly long list of exciting features 

For the price point the Duo has a surprisingly long list of exciting features even the touch points on this machine feel premium with the included rosewood accents from the joystick knobs brew lever and the included portafilters.

The wood adds a lovely touch  of warmth to this full stainless steel body on the duo which indeed sets it apart from others in its class.

Is the vibrant touch screen control panel which allows you as the barista to change and edit various functions. 

  • On the home screen you’ll find a readout for both your steam boiler and brew boiler as well as a hot water indicator displaying the water level inside of your steam boiler
  • Tapping on the brew and steam temperature will bring you to the boiler settings to modify or edit the set to temperature
  • From the brew boiler menu you can also edit the programmed pre-infusion length and choose whether or not to display the built-in shot timer
  • You can also indicate which boiler takes  priority during your machine’s initial warm-up by clicking on the options menu will allow you to customize the machine to work with you and your morning routine from the drop down menu
  • You can  program an automatic on and off schedule so that your machine can be ready to pull shots no matter how early your day starts also within the settings menu
  • You can program reminders for routine maintenance and water quality checks.

We love this feature because we know how easy it can be to forget those softening pouches internally. The Duo boasts two pid controllers for optimal temperature stability for both your brew and steam boilers.

This means your machine won’t skip a beat if you happen to have a few latte lovers in your house. If steam power is high on your wish list then you won’t be disappointed with the duo consistently maintaining 1.5 bars of steam pressure.

This machine is undoubtedly capable of perfectly texturing back-to-back milk drinks for those creamy cappuccinos and lattes. It’s hard to deny the build quality of any Bezzera machine; their reputation is spotless. For good reason every detail in their design is intentional and proven components and machines are designed and manufactured in their facility in Milan Italy. The entire process takes place right on site including selecting raw materials to cast their parts in-house.

If you’re searching for a stunning machine to elevate your mornings the Bezzera Duo MN is a high-performing contender from the rosewood accents to the intuitive touchscreen control panel.

The Duo is simply a brilliant choice with the right care and maintenance.

We’re certain the Duo is built to last a lifetime let us know what you think is this Bezzera machine something that’s caught your attention I’ll be ready to hear from you let me know your thoughts in the comments below subscribe for more coffee know-how and we’ll see you soon.


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