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Hey Everyone!

What is the difference between these two machines, the Essenza Mini and the Inissia machine from Nespresso.

Now generally they are both the same price so in the UK that will range between £60 and £90 for either one depending on whether you can find them on offer.


They are very similar machines

They are small, they are the smaller ones in the Nespresso range but there are some key differences that aren’t there. So we just thought we would have a look at them today to see what the differences are in design, do bear in mind they are both Magimix machines. There is a Krups version of this as well and we have a post where we looked at both of those side by side. So let’s start with the differences then.

The differences

The water tank we’ll start there on the Essenza Mini that’s 0.6 litres and on the Inissia it’s 0.7 so that’s slightly bigger. They both have an espresso and a lungo button on the top but they are slightly different designs like this has more of a raised button on it whereas this one on the Essenza Mini that sinks into the design a little bit more so a slightly different design, this one is more like a Pixie the Inissia, that’s a bit more like a Pixie.

They both have a 25 second heat up time, they are both 19 bar pressure they auto off after 9 minutes but the newer versions of the Essenza Mini also have low power mode that kicks in after 3 minutes to use low energy.

 The capsule container

There’s a big difference there if we just pull this one out we’ll see it’s very very small on the Essenza Mini only holds 6 used capsules and I’ve checked that, that’s accurate, whereas on the Inissia it’s a lot bigger so you kind of get sort of about 8 in that, possibly 9 but you’ve got to be able to operate the handle after that’s the only problem. Roughly eight… I’d definitely get 8 in there maybe 9.

While we’re on the handle that’s another difference so with the Essenza Mini we have that kind of flick handle that you see on a Citiz that kind of machine, whereas again pixie like we have the pull lever style handle on the Inissia that just makes it you know it’s a solid handle, we mentioned this when we reviewed the Inissia recently do check out the full review but yeah, it’s a solid sturdy handle and it’s a solid sturdy machine. However, it is a loud machine, so that’s one key difference between these two machines.

And in a minute we’re going to make an espresso and we’re also going to make a lungo and that’s just so that you can see any differences in the consistency of the coffee and the crema. It creates because we are going to use the same capsules for both we’re going to use a Kazaar capsule on each to make an espresso and we’re going to use a Vivalto Lungo one of the old ones from Nespresso to make a Lungo and you’ll be able to hopefully just see any differences in the coffee but also do listen out for how loud these machines are to give you an idea as to whether that is going to make a difference for you.

Dimensions wise 

The Essenza mini is 32.5 centimetres deep and that’s versus 32.1 on the Inissia so not a lot of difference there. Width wise the Essenza Mini is 11 centimetres wide and the Inissia is 12 centimetres wide so an extra centimetre. Height we had 20.5 centimetres in height for the Essenza Mini and 23 centimetres in height for the Inissia so it is a taller machine and it just looks bigger doesn’t it if you can see that, it just has a bigger sturdier look and that’s because obviously the Essenza Mini at the top it goes skinnier at the top and that seems to make a huge difference on how the machines sort of stand out, the Inissia does stand out as looking bigger even though it’s only one centimetre wider.


Another difference while we’re here is the shelf. Now on the Essenza Mini the shelf you have to lift it off to take it out if you want to put a recipe glass in, whereas with this Inissia it just lifts up. So if we demonstrate that with a recipe glass, for example, you can just pop it in like that and pour your coffee but with the Essenza Mini you would have to lift the shelf off and pop it in but they do both fit a recipe glass as we can see there. That’s a standard Nespresso recipe glass, not the tall one, just the standard size.

However, I shouldn’t have put that shelf back on as I might as well show you the travel mug. So we have a Nespresso Touch Travel Mug here, it does go under the Essenza Mini and it also doesn’t go under, it’s closer though isn’t it? So this spout must be slightly higher, it also doesn’t go under the Inissia though, it will if you tilt it but we now have the new small, what are they called again these ones Nomad is it? Nomad travel mugs the small version of that will fit under both the Essenza Mini and under the Inissia nice and neat as well.

If you have any questions by the way as the post on you know if you think of anything that I’ve missed feel free to leave it in the comments. I’ll try and answer it but now let’s get on and pour an espresso and don’t forget we’ll take a temperature measurement and also listen out for the noise and sound made by each because I think there is quite a big difference.


So we’ll pour a shot of espresso on each then and listen out for that noise the noise difference between the two as we pour the shots. Also just to mention the handle I do prefer the flick on the Essenza Mini I’ve never crushed a pod I find it very easy to insert the pods whereas with the Inissia I’ve got used to it now but it was a bit hit or miss at first and I have crushed a couple of pods in there so that’s something to keep in mind so yeah we’ll pour a shot and I’ll stay quiet so you can hear the machine…

So that’s the Essenza Mini I’ll take a very quick temperature measurement now, so we’re up at 68 to 69 (celsius) what I would say on that is the machines have been used that’s not first use it will probably be a couple of degrees lower than that if you were just waking up in a morning and coming straight to it but let’s now pour one on the Inissia again listen out for it and then we’ll pop them let’s see if I can do it without crushing it. They just don’t seem to drop in quite as well. Well it has gone in alright that to be fair. Let’s pour it…

So a very very big difference in the noise of the machine there. I don’t know if you picked up on that but let’s just measure this one… so 70 then we’ve tested them a couple of times, like I say this isn’t the first use and that was consistent really I think the Inissia was a couple of degrees hotter than the Essenza Mini each use so a plus there for the Inissia Ido think it’s a hotter machine, what do you think if we look at them side by side the consistency of the coffee?

You might see more on a lungo. I have been asked in the past to make sure I pour a lungo on these versus videos so that you can see a longer coffee as well so we’ll do that now, have a quick look at the crema there if we go in a bit closer. I mean they are quite similar but yeah I hope that’s helpful anyway but we’ll move on now to the lungo.

Water tank

So moving on to the lungo pods then do bear in mind like we said that the water tank on the Essenza Mini is 100 millilitres smaller than that on the Inissia so that is going to make a difference if you predominantly drink lungos then you’re going to get almost an extra lungo pod out of that aren’t you without having to top up your water tank, so that’s something just to keep in mind. But again I’ll stay quiet during the process of pouring the lungo just so that you can hear the machine again and the sound of it.

It might even stand out even more this time because it’s running for longer…

So we can see then a definite difference in noise again, I hope that is coming through on the post, I’m sure it will be because it does on the other posts and they are the two coffees side by side if we just zoom out you might just be able to take a look at that and there we have two lungos. So I hope that helps if you’re a lungo drinker and you’re wondering. We’ll just have a quick look at the crema on top actually… they look very similar, they look quite similar, well very similar, it’s making me want a coffee now.


So that’s it then, we’ve looked at the machines, we’ve looked at the coffees they make the specifications. One thing that did get asked in the comment from the subscriber when they were asking me the difference between these two machines and which one they might want to buy, was longevity of the machine now, because we don’t use these machines every single day I don’t really have a full accurate idea as to the longevity of each machine.

Now I know that a lot of subscribers who read the posts have had these machines and have used them consistently for a long period of time. It would be great to hear your comments if you could in the comments area just to let us know what your experience was. Did one last longer than the other? How long did yours last if you’ve only had one of them?

Like we say this one does look like a Pixie the Inissia, it does look like a pixie and the Pixie is quite a sturdy long lasting machine from the comments I’ve had on the channel in the past. Which one would I go for if I had to pick one? If it was based purely on design and noise and everything I’d probably just go for the Essenza Mini because it’s just small and quiet, in effect if you’re wanting a small machine and that’s the whole idea of you buying one of these machines the Essenza Mini does look a lot smaller doesn’t it and it is a lot quieter. However, I do like that, the flick shelf, on the Pixie not the Pixie sorry, see I’m even calling it a Pixie – on the Inissia, I do like that so that is a little plus for it and I do like the fact that it hold more used capsules and has a bigger tank. It’s really hard to choose to be honest between them, I think I’d be leaning for some reason towards the mini but yeah, it’s hard to choose between them.

What do you think? That’s the most important thing. Which one would you go for?

Leave it in the comments and please do help the subscriber out if you’ve got any extra information you can give about these machines that might help them to make a decision. So thanks for watching the visit, just to recap… Essenza Mini… Inissia… hope it’s helped you to make a choice between the two machines.


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