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nuovaThe Nuova Simonelli Musica. Now this machine is a big brother of the Oscar 2, which we reviewed recently.

The machine itself is a heat exchange, vibrating pump machine. And where it differs from the Oscar is the finish and the build, and a few more features so effectively, you’ve got a full stainless body here with a stainless

top, and you’re also running now hot water arm, separate to your steam arm, which was kind of a bit of a downside of the Oscar.

It’s made for like office environment

This machine does sit a little bit higher in price point than you ask for, but it’s really made for like that office environment where you need a heat exchange machine.

Well effectively machine, it can be coffee and same at the same time at still affordable price points.

Now, the simple thing we like about the Oscar is a large drip tray, really convenient, because if you use the office environment it easily clips in nicely, and it being extra deep makes a big difference when it comes to usability, especially when multiple people are using it. And No one ever really likes emptying out the drip tray.

With the steam tip, you’re running a four holes steam tip, and it’s a really nice articulating arm on a lever valve.

Make it really easy to say, put your milk jug in there, activate the arm and just run it. And based on the positioning, it is possible to set your milk jug on the drip tray.

And almost if you’ve got a bit more experience with a hands-free operation, when it comes to the water reservoir, you’ve got a three-litre tank, which is removable for cleaning, and The cups actually sit on the front half.

So you can actually. Fill your water tank without having to move your cups and the most important part, the espresso part. Now this machine comes with a double Portafilter and it’s run on a volumetric control, which you can hope at this programming, letting it hold the button down, letting it flash, and then locking in your time. You start and stop.

The ability for pre-infusion

This machine does have the ability for pre-infusion. Now they’re made in Italy, they’ve got a decent footprint. And one thing which you’ve probably heard on every video from me is the power cable was out the bottom. So.

No matter where you’re putting the machine, whether it be on an island or the kitchen wall, you can really have a seamless, nicer design and they do look good from the rear.

So you could have them on an island and it would look quite professional. So for me, this machine is really targeted for an office environment, but yeah, it could really be using it at home.

This version here is the Nuova Simonelli Musica black. It does come in a Lux version, which runs lighting in here. But I find that a bit gimmicky. I kind of like it.

Keeping machines standard and traditional.

One other little thing that the machine has is your steam pressure gauge. Now, in this case, it doesn’t have a pump gauge being a vibrating pump machine. You can’t really control the pump too much.

So steams all you need and not like machines that have a very simplistic front, as I feel like. All the like electronics, et cetera, take away from the coffee experience.

The body on the Musica is completely stainless

Really the only bit of plastic you have is he on the drip tray, which is a nice upgrade from the baby version, which was the Oscar 2, which had a lot more plastic, a popular question.

We get asked, what does the machine come with? Now it’s a very affordable machine. So let’s be honest, not much comes with a portafilter, double Portafilter, which you need to run the machine in a single basket, which let’s be honest.

You’re probably not going to use a plastic tamper, which you can throw out from day one. Plastic scoop, which can go out with that Tampa and a blind field or the blind filter is key.

As you can use it, just to change out, putting your blind, putting in your back, flashing chemicals and Aisling, cleaning your machine overall. It’s a neat unit, great value for me, money and perfect for an office set up, especially when you pair it up with just say a grinder like the Barazta Sette or Eureka specialita, something along those lines. Et cetera.

Really nice to set up the perfect machine for your office environment. Thank you for watching our review of the Nuova Simonelli Musica .

Let us know in the comments below you prefer the Oscar, the Musica or another machine altogether, and as usual, if you’ve liked these videos and want to keep seeing more hits subscribe to the button and follow us on our journey of all things. Coffee. Thank you again.

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