The PuqPress Mini versus the PuqPress Q2

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tamperHi, today we’re looking at the PuqPress Mini versus the PuqPress Q2. Let’s see which one’s better for you. So both of these. Both Tampere coffee, fast and level and consistently. So what is the real difference?

The difference between them Q range, which is what we have here is actually three in the range. So you’ve got the mini, the Q1, which we don’t have on the display, mainly because we don’t really carry it.

And the Q2 now the differences are your Tamp cycles. How many times you can do it daily. And what does a warranty look like? So on the mini, which is really made for homes, Low Volumes really cap out at a hundred times, right? When the Q1 does 300.

So think about your smaller volume cafe.

And the Q2 is, you know, top of the line unlimited tamps. Not only unlimited tamps daily, but your warranty is also unlimited. So after two years, you get full warranty, unlimited stamps when the mini and the Q1 have a service cycle. So what does that mean in practice? It really does come down to the differences between the bang volume of use, but there are all other little slight, subtle differences, mainly in how you. Walk on them.

How many program modes?

I have three program modes versus five program modes. And the other difference between them is the tapping pressure range. So on the mini you got a range of between 10 and 30.

The Q2 got a range between five and 30 kilos. So it allows for a little bit of soft attempt, both of which can be increased or decreased, incremental one kilos. So on this one, for example, 5, 6, 7, you get the drift on this from 10 onto 30. Now that also means they’ve got different program modes. When you’ve got three program modes on this one and five on the Q2, the modes are shown under here, but basically.

You’ve got them so they can tamp twice and you can tamp twice normal or twice a bit slower. So you don’t want the tabs pulling up. You don’t disrupt that coffee cake and reduce channeling, et cetera. You’ve got the single tamped, but also on this one.

Setting these tampers

Got the Hulk and the soft Tam, because this one does go down to five kilos on this one. You pretty much only have the speeding, which is the two quick tamps, the precise, which is two tasks at slower and a single tap.

Now talking about stamps, they both handle 1.3 seconds per. So obviously if you’re doing two times, it’s going to be around this two and a half, three second range. Let’s look at setting these tampers up when you get them. So what you would need to do to set up your portafilter and then also look at what it looks like to claim them.

So, firstly, we’ll start off with this Q2 and you can take this cover off, bring it upside down and we, the tool that it comes with, once you lock in your Portafilter, You bring your portafilter in there, turn it off.

Make sure it’s off.

When you get it, take the plate off, take the top off. You turn them upside down and you loosen the two brackets here. Little hidden tool here. So it does come with these tools. The tool for this and also the tool for cleaning. So can you list loosen these two once you’ve loosened up?

The beautiful thing about this one is if you look under here, you’ve got a dial that allows you to dial it up and down slightly. So you don’t really have to be holding it and trying to get it all lined up. Like you’re doing the mini so effectively.

If you put in your portafilter, you can dial this down to get it nice and tight. And then once you’ve got it nice and tight, you can remove it, tighten it up. And it’s now set to make it easier to set up for any portafilter being in naked and normal things will have double or alarms or crossing or doubles.

Let’s flip it back around, put the plates back on and that set, just going back to the mini it’s the same function off the same function. But when, when you have it upside down, you actually do have to hold it to really get it dialled in. You don’t have the adjustment, which is kind of. Well, let’s be honest.

About cleaning

You only really send them off one. So not the end of the world. So we’ll just talk about cleaning really quickly, straight away.

And when you do have them on to clean them, if you just press this down for half a second, the bottom button, you’ll see that the head comes down quickly, wipe them with, with a cloth, just to get rid of that static. So that’s a quick claim to actually clean up properly.

You’ll do the same thing that you’d like a deep clean: you’d pull the cover. You bring it down and then you undo the nut by undoing it all completely and pulling out this whole piston, the whole head comes out and you can claim not only dependence, but also all the chamber insight.

And that should be done daily in the cafe environment by saying that this head or all the stamps we carry occupy pretty much both machines and VST’s.

They do come with a 58, but we don’t carry them mainly because we’re focused on the more speciality. And once you remove it, it’s just a matter of cleaning. This head is nonstick and cleaning inside that chamber. Then just reverse the process. Just put it back in.

So you guys said this in one second flat and went back we’d practice. We’ll get faster because you are doing that. But effectively hit that button back up. And there you go. It’s back to normal now to get into the program mode, you actually hold this button five seconds and it will cycle into current P0.

And you can just go through the modes, P one P two. There you go, bringing them back down to P zero, lock it in. And once it’s locked in to go up and down.

Obviously, self-explanatory just brings it down to twenties, maybe 20 kilos and that’s kind of it. So you just have to adjust what mode you’re in and adjust the weight. Same on them on the mini here, obviously only three modes, but you’re just, you’re forced to do a little bit more work than on this one. Adjust this tab and you’re ready to.

In saying that the cleanings are exactly the same. So let’s look at these actually tapping in operation. We’ll get a grinder out of coffee, then we’ll just show you what two tabs on each one looks like. Cause that’s a solid time. And what a quick tab looks like. So I know you guys have been wanting to see him in action. And so here we go.

Mini set

I’ve got the mini set up as the standard. And the cue to set up this slow Tamp for basically program mode one. So let’s just grind out some coffee. We’re just using a niche for this. It could be reusing whatever grinder.

So what the, what the Pugs really save is that hand handling operation covered in heaps of videos where it’s not great on your wrist, not great on your shoulder and elbow, and also you sometimes not getting it level time, consistent times, et cetera, thousand one begets talking about that. Or we’re focusing on just your operational fees.


Put it in. I’m in an awkward position here for the video, but put it in Tamper twice. They go.

Even clean tap now on the parks compared to some of the other machines like a Slingshot, it doesn’t Polish it at the end, but it does do a really clean, crisp finish, this one being a 58.3. It really has gone nice at the edge and stack take looks pretty awesome to me. Well, this grinds out a second one and does it on the Q2.

Once again, there’s not too much of a difference between these two. It’s just the motor capacity. So a hundred times a day, one limited. And a few more function modes and we’re going to be in function mode one. Let’s grind out for more coffee?

Let’s go on the Q2.

That was solid. And once again, really clean time, really clean, um, cake. No, this was on the side tab. When it pulls back up, it pulls up a bit slower. So it’s not basically, we get a bit of suction disrupting the middle of that, that coffee caters to get more consistent and theory, less channeling and more evenly distributed.

You might notice a bit more if you’re using a negative Porter filter with the flow, but that’s your normal Tam soft Tam. And there’s going to be three more modes on. But we’ll let you play with them when you get them home. Overall. One of the things I love about these is their consistency and that’s what they’re made for. They’re awesome.

They consistently get the same time every time they remove one variable. So if you’re weighing your coffee now, and you’re tapping to see somebody, these two big variables have been removed from the home one, depending on what you consider and the affordable price point is more affordable than the Q2 or some out of Tamper.

But obviously it’s not going to compare to a hand tab in price. A lot of people are going to say you don’t follow tradition, et cetera. This is for those that want the automated and really to narrow it down with the Q2 down for a limited time, it really does work well. Personally, I hate one pet. I don’t like about it is the power cable being at the rear. I really like seamless designs, especially if it’s on the island bench account. Don’t like facing the customer.

Don’t like the switches at the back and am not a big fan of the menu on the side, I would rather really be RUSA focused on the front and the coward tower seamless, but I don’t think that’s the reason people are buying or not buying these they’re buying for the functionality.

So effectively for home you’d go to the mini. For a Busy cafe. You’d go to Q2. I’m not sure when you’d go with Q1, if you had a cart, why can’t ever see us being busy? Personally, I was just like, And knowing you’ve got a runway. So if you did become busy and it’s just, yeah, that’s basically now I know electrics are a little bit controversial. You speak the bait between hand time thing, electric time thing.

Do we need them and their price? But I would love to know between the puck mini and that’s cute too. Which one do you prefer? Which one would you go for or would go for it? Yeah, altogether like us or the kilos hit us up on the comments below. Let us know. Thank you for reading.

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