The Rancilio Silvia. Model E

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Hi! Today we’re looking at the Rancilio Silvia E.

Model E

The Rancilio Silvia

Now this machine is a hero among coffee enthusiasts. One of the first machines that spark.

The generation of modders on coffee machines, where people were getting these machines and modifying them up these days a lot less to modify because Rancilio basically built all those mods into these machines.

What has changed and what is it

This machine is a dual purpose boiler.

So you can do coffee or steam, but not at the same time. And runs a two-litre tank, 300 mil brass boiler and a brass group head with commercial portafilters. It comes with a double portafilter, which you can never use as with a single double basket or the blind filter. And then over time upgraded the arm to a commercial-style arm.

So this is version six, and that every generation has some improvements. On this version, they’ve also improved the frame of the machine, which is now stainless. They’ve put in this being an E they’ve put in an electronic cutoff. So if you leave your machine on for a prolonged period of time, it doesn’t happen on the M and E and the M are Available.

Currently, we only carry the E at the same time price, not sure why you’d get the em, and they’d come from the factory in both stainless or the black finish. Some of the advantages of this machine are super quick to start up.

The best bang for your buck

You’re getting basically amazing espresso for a very small price point compared to other machines, running a similar espresso.

The levels, the drip tray is small, but that’s also because the machine’s physically small. Yeah. It still annoys me. I don’t like having to clean out drip trays too often. In terms of the operation of this machine, it’s quite simple. You just got your power button. When you want to activate your group head, you get your coffee button.

And then if you wanted hot water, you got your whole water button, which the hot water actually comes out of the steam one or the steam button.

It’s important to remember that when you do hit that steam button, it takes a little bit of time for it to build-up that pressure and have that steam ready so effectively you normally make coffee, hit the steam button, and then once the steam is ready to your milk, you can, however, there’s a bit of a shortcut.

As soon as you start running your coffee, hit that steam button effectively. It’s going to up the power to the element.

But it’s not going to up it fast enough that it’s going to affect your express shot. You’re going to have less of a wait between coffee and the milk production in saying that once you’ve done the milk, you’ve got a temperature surfer, or basically wait a little bit of time to do your coffee again.

So you’re not running the machine at a basically hotter temperature. Then you want this machine to have remained very similar for many years, but then made a big difference.


The outlet of the steam valve is bigger. You got a bigger knob. You’ve got the bigger steam arm. They moved from, chrome-plated group head that used to eventually appeal to a matte black solid one.

They’ve gone to a stainless frame and they’ve added insulation on the boiler and the cutoff, most companies are now going down the eco line. So the installation on the boiler that really came down to.

Basically not only thermal stability, but saving on conserving power, same with a cutoff. If you’re looking at an entry level machine, as the best machine you can get, you can find better machines, but you’re talking to a higher price point.

They are a little bit easier

You get to use yet. You now coffee on this machine and you’re this really going to learn the intricacies. Once you pair it up with a grinder and learn to adjust your grinder.

Playing on this machine will help you on your journey later on.

Once the machines get easier in terms of what it comes with, it can’t get a double Portafilter. Now at this price point, it’s normal for machines that only come with one port, a filter versus two for a filter at a higher price. What machines come through the single and double basket a Tamper.

Now, believe it or not, as much as I’m not the biggest fan of this tamper, but it’s actually a really good Tamper.

Especially for this price point, when you’re looking at machines two and three and four times the price we’d Tampers that are pretty much called paperweights. And don’t ask for a plastic spoon. One thing I would get for this machine. Is basically a milk jug, a better Tamper and a better grouphead brush and a little knocking tube. But apart from that, you’re ready to go.

And it’s a great little home set up, especially if you’re living in a smaller apartment where the footprint makes a big deal.

If you’ve got any questions on this machine, hit us up on the comment below. I feel like it’s a machine we could ramble on for hours, but I’m trying to keep it nice and concise for you guys.

Thank you for reading our review. Now this machine is a kind of machine. We can go onto quite a lot of different things. Chats and pivots. So if you’ve got questions on it, feel free to leave a comment below basically get in touch.

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Enjoy and thank you for visiting.


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