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By using this instruction is your machine within a few minutes use. Pull the machine out of the box, and insert the plug at the bottom in the machine reels of the water reservoir. And place it on the backside and fill the water tank with freshwater.

Place a large glass under the spout then press and hold the hot water button and the on/off button. At same time the ‘ristretto’ button and the ‘lungo’ button will flash alternately. Now press the ‘ristretto’ button the machine will continue to run and stop automatically.

Set here after the machine is turned off press the three coffee buttons on the front and the on-off button

Simultaneously the coffee buttons will alternately flash. Then press the lungo button as soon as the buttons stop flashing. The machine is ready for use.

Fold the edges of the capsule always straight, place the capsule in the machine, the lever down and press the button that corresponds to your coffee choice. You have a cup of Nespresso coffee that is now being prepared.

Remove After use the capsule from the extraction system by the lever to make empty the drip tray with the excess water regularly collected capsules used in a recycling bag you can  recycling bags free order online full recycling bag can always give to a courier when a espresso package delivery reel at the end of the day your machine clean  the espresso’ button bypass may only when no capsule in the extraction system is that you keep the plumbing school,the machine automatically turns off after nine minutes of coffee and accessories

are easy to order via our website nespresso dot com slash pro or via our customer service for further questions you can call us 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm or fill in the contact form on the website


Mahlkonig X54

One of the most reputable brands in the coffee  industry Mahlkonig has finally entered the home coffee scene with the x-54. When we got our  hands on it and experienced it ourselves it was a unanimous yes to bring it on. We are excited to have something in our lineup of grinders that can grind your perfect espresso and also a great cup of coffee.  

Hi! Let me show you what we love about the Malconnect x54 grinder. The x54 is truly an all-purpose grinder. It has a wide range of adjustments and doesn’t sacrifice the taste of your coffee or space on  your countertop if you’re looking for a great espresso grinder.

The stepless dial allows micro adjustments perfect for fine-tuning your recipe. If you seek a high-end filter coffee  grinder you can trust the x54 to grind your batch brew consistently, go fine enough  for a v60 and coarse enough for cold brew.

If you like to make a variety of drinks in your  home the x54 gives you a level of control to make great coffee regardless of the brew method they build.

X54_17 inches tall

Quality lives up to Malconig’s reputation; it looks and feels just as nice as the grinders in your favorite cafe. But is designed to be a perfect fit for the home sitting just under 17 inches tall 7.5 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

This grinder will easily stand under most kitchen cabinets. The fit and finish feel durable and sturdy at every touch point. The led display offers four programmable recipes including manual mode if you like to grind freestyle plus the insulated metal casing keeps the volume to a minimum while in use.

The x54 not only grinds for all brew methods well but it converts into your grinder of choice with a swappable front plate for filter coffee or a portafilter clip insert whether you frequently switch between brew methods or are just looking for an excellent home grinder the x54 can  do it all and well.

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